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Psych garage rockers SCREEN FROGS break down their new album “Subterranean Wreckage Amidst Stolen Hues”

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SCREEN FROGS, straight out of Seattle, have stitched together a vibrant patchwork of sounds in their latest album, “Subterranean Wreckage Amidst Stolen Hues.” It’s an album that feels like a deep dive into a psychedelic rabbit hole, one where the echoes of civilization’s missteps blend with a kaleidoscope of accesible, yet still progressive experimentation. This is where garage meets psych, punk sidles up to krautrock, and every live show feels like a communal journey into the band’s vividly painted world.

The album, birthed in the eclectic surroundings of Mysterious Red X in Seattle, brings new flavors to the band’s soundscape with the introduction of instruments like the flute, sitar, zurna, and harmonica. It’s an adventure into modern psychedelia that SCREEN FROGS describe as encapsulating all they adore about the genre.


“Subterranean Wreckage Amidst Stolen Hues” is a narrative. Each track delves into themes of downfall, survival, and the strange beauty found in desolation.

From “Hearth I,” which sets the scene of a crumbling world with its mix of the heaviest and softest sounds, to “Hypoxia/Stone Cold Desert” and “Xenesthis Imannis,” where the desolation of humanity and the odd companionships formed in emptiness are explored. The album moves through tales of technological obsession in “Transistor,” the lurking dangers in “Howlin’ and Prowlin’,” and a city’s last moments in “Fly on the Wall.”

“SWASH” and “Hearth II” close the album with poignant reflections on human impact and a final, fading warning from Earth itself.

It’s a heady mix of introspection and musical innovation, a reminder of the power of psychedelia to provoke thought and stir the soul.

Hearth I

Sets the stage for the stage for the world building of the album through its softest and heaviest parts.

This track features sitar and flute.

Hypoxia/Stone Cold Desert

Humanity has fallen and the world has become a baron desert. Suffocation is one of the many downfalls for the remaining of the human race.

This track features flute.

Xenesthis Imannis

The unusual relationship between the frog and the spider. This translates to humans as well as unusual relationships are formed during this time of emptiness.

This track features zurna and flute


Emptiness on earth and technological advancements to the human body have intense affects on the human psyche. Some lose themselves during the process of enhancement.

This track features zurna.


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Howlin’ and Prowlin’

Beasts are lurking and weeding out the weak. Some are willingly consumed by such beasts.

Fly on the Wall

This track tells the tale of a city crumbling in real time, less metaphorical and more from the perspective of a civilization caving in on itself. There’s a sense of abandonment in it as well, like we had our chance but the sun has set and we’re left to “conquer another grim night.”

Track features flute, piano, and harmonica.


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An in depth tale of the subterranean wreckage caused by humans. This is from the perspective of humans living in their waste and the consequences they have for their selfishness.

Hearth II

The earth heeds its warning. The planets destruction is imminent and all humans can do is listen as they drift off in the dark.

This track features sitar.

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