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Psychedelic noisy rockers from WAR NURSE streaming new EP

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WAR NURSE have premiered a full stream of their moody, adventurous EP ‘Distress Calling’, procing the band to stand out in the sophisticated cross-platform area and have all the tools to mesmerize us with their gloriously developed sonic concepts with their future releases. This record reveals different pleasures with every spin. Be sure to dive into it below!

Intrusive painful memories manifest in vacancy. Flashbacks reignite traumatic internalized stimuli once lost, followed by troubled sleep, persistent bad dreams fuelled by guilt about things done or not done, social isolation, withdrawal, and alienation. Jumpiness is a static personality trait featuring startle responses, anxiety, and terminal misconduct. All are Distress Calling.

War Nurse exploit their demons with sonic frequencies amplified by noise. Their entire currency of life is based around discordant frequencies, yet they find a motif to dig through and stick with it. Throughout this, their songs pulse with an energy made to revitalize and repurpose the leftover energy in a day, feeling a bit betrayed while at the same time using that to their advantage. What Distress Calling offers is a turbulence of noise blended ever so wonderfully with structural limits, creating cohesive songs that have purpose behind them, finding the right balance to utilize vocals when needed, like on “Uprise Syndrome.” The song’s static only calls for melodies when it is absolutely certain they are there, being able to create a calling card through their beats, thick layeirng and industrial prowess. / New Noise Maagazine

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