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“Rough Year” – emo act WESTING streaming new EP in full

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Matt Mascarenas of WESTING has revealed its first full-band release showcasing heavier side and adding new elements to accent their music that resulted in a thoughtful addition to its discography. “Rough Year” stands as one of the most melodically-inclined edgy emo rock EPs this year and puts WESTNG on an upward trajectory.

Matt commented:

“Around the same time I started writing these songs I had lost my job, found out that a tour I was going on had been cancelled, and upcoming plans with my other bands were being postponed. I was going crazy having so much free time so I set out to make louder songs.”



I’m used to grinding my teeth at night
but all my plans left me behind
now that all my time is mine
I can’t be angry anymore
It burnt me out months ago
wake up and kick down the door
I won’t look back
this is all my fault
I lowered expectations to ignore my temper
living in the back room of my mind
smoked out and calmed down with a witty response
this is all wrong
I’ve waited for too long now to fight it off
It’s okay to break down but not lock yourself away
you’ve got to fight it off


I’ve come to terms with the noise
I can’t tell if where I’m at now is where I started
it’s been a rough year but I plan on keeping my word
if I don’t create the light I won’t see it at all
I’m not done with this
it will light up my world
miss the notes, so it goes
swallow the sun
let it burn through me
i’ll cough up smoke signals so you know I’m still here
I’m constantly chasing these thoughts from my mind
and i’m constantly falling behind
but this time I let them simply exist like crooked pictures on the wall
everything exists in my head
I can’t tell if where I’m at now is where I started


drop subtle hints
remain absent from the moment
boxed in with your head down
peripheral vision leaving out everything wrong
you hide behind the flawed belief
of the way you think everyone should be
you’ll make a mess of everything
if you means you won’t have to speak up or say anything
speak up behind close doors
paint the picture you know they can’t ignore
you’ll find a way to make things worse
and bring everyone down with you
slow movements encased in insecurity
self-aware of your self-doubt
but never how obvious you are
concerned and alert
prepared to not be enough for anyone
your voice shakes when you’re about to break
you can’t control your hands when you’re faced with the truth


spent the night out to find that I’ve lost it all
I’m closer to thirty and barely above the ground
I’m always killing time
destroy all clocks and rewire my mind
so that there’s nowhere I can be but here
and not disappear like I’ve done all year


Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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