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Punk Rock Shorts – end of February / early March 2024

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From the raw, charged energy of punk rock to the catchy hooks of pop punk, from the emotive anthems of melodic punk to the gritty, unpolished sound of hardcore—this week’s lineup is another celebration of punk in all its forms.

Dirt Cult Records has unveiled “Crime, Hysteria & Useless Information” by HOOD RATS, delivering raw and unapologetic punk rock straight out of Montreal.

With a blend reminiscent of French Oi and Dwarves-style garage rock, Hood Rats bring fast and furious energy to the scene. This split release with Bachelor Records (EU) promises no-frills intensity, and records are expected to ship around April 5th.

Chicago’s own rising rockers BELMONT are back, turning up the heat with their latest single “All Bite,” a precursor to their highly anticipated third album “Liminal” set for release on April 12th through Pure Noise Records.

The track showcases the band’s heavier side, with vocalist Taz Johnson urging listeners to lead with conviction and focus on self-improvement rather than self-critique.

The upcoming album, “Liminal,” represents an ethereal retreat, an ode to a place of longing that might not exist but is felt deeply. This record is a leap forward for the band, who has been on a steady ascent since their high school formation in 2014.

MONTEPERDIDO has just released their latest single “Tu nombre,” an electrifying track that distills the essence of their melodic force and sharp guitar work into a rebellious anthem.

Bego, Dani, Willo, Diego, and Tomás, friends for life, convened in a rehearsal space back in 2020, with a unified desire to unleash their pent-up energy through music. With a sound that’s urgent and varied in tempo, they strike a balance between noise and pop, channeling the spirit of Hüsker Dü with a feminine lead twist.

“Tu nombre” is an incendiary revenge fantasy for the feverishly unhinged, a track that’s as much a pyromaniac’s delirium as it is a call to arms against foes seen and unseen.

SCUD, a dynamic five-piece punk-rock band making waves in Melbourne’s music scene, has just released their latest work, the “NO EP/CAR EP,” available on Noise Merchant Records.

Known for their unique blend of anger, sass, and silliness, SCUD delivers heart-driven lyrics and punchy instrumentation that captures an unmissable, gripping energy.

Indie rock artist JON SNODGRASS is gearing up for the release of his new album Barge At Will on March 29, heralded by the lead single “Crunchin’ The Numbers” featuring CHRIS WOLLARD (Hot Water Music, Ship Thieves) and CHRIS CRESSWELL (The Flatliners, Hot Water Music).

This collaboration highlights Snodgrass’s knack for blending voices and talents, resulting in a track that’s available globally through Digital Service Providers.

The album, recorded at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO, not only showcases Snodgrass’s songwriting skills but also features contributions from a roster of friends, including Peter “JR” Wasilewski (Less Than Jake) and Scott Reynolds (ALL), adding depth to the narrative of making the most out of every moment.

PISSED JEANS’ album ‘Half Divorced’ tears through the fabric of adult life with feral intensity.

With tracks like ‘Killing All the Wrong People’ and ‘Everywhere Is Bad,’ it’s clear they’ve lost none of their edge. This album isn’t just loud; it’s a sharply observed critique of modern malaise, from helicopter parenting to the absurdity of everyday existence. ‘Seatbelt Alarm Silencer’ turns a mundane annoyance into a metaphor for life’s directionless drive. Despite—or because of—their personal upheavals, Pissed Jeans remain a force of nature, channeling their chaos into a sound as unyielding as ever. Released March 1, 2024, ‘Half Divorced’ is a visceral journey through disillusionment, with the band’s signature blend of noise-punk fury and dark humor on full display.”

BELVEDERE (Canada) and THE DECLINE are teaming up for an Australian tour presented by Blood Sweat & Beers.

Belvedere, known for their technical, fast-paced skate punk, will be making their Australian debut in May, showcasing tracks from their acclaimed album “Hindsight is the Sixth Sense.”

Joining them are West Australian punk rockers The Decline, bringing their signature skate punk vibes fresh off the release of “Magical Misery Tour.” Don’t miss this explosive lineup hitting major cities from May 22 to June 1. Tickets available now via Oztix & Moshtix.


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London-based punk outfit JJ And The A’s are gearing up for the release of their second EP, “Eyeballer,” set to hit the shelves on March 15, 2024, courtesy of LA VIDA ES UN MUS DISCOS.

With a blend of hardcore delivery and KBD undercurrents reminiscent of their first EP, the band infuses a hint of melody into their latest offering, drawing inspiration from early SoCal punk pioneers like T.S.O.L., Adolescents, and Red Cross. Their sound, soaked in fuzz-drenched organ and soulful vocals, evokes the spirit of garage favorites like Detroit Cobras, delivering a mashup of punk, garage, and hardcore that’s both electrifying and instantly captivating.

COOLING, the punk-rock outfit with post-hardcore sinews, just served up “Etila (Revamp)”—a reimagined take on their classic jam “Every time I look around”.

The band, a trio of sonic diarists comprising Esteban, Jackson, and Abhinav, has put their journey from the streets of Cali, Colombia to Ottawa’s stages into their music. Celebrating the anniversary of their first record, this revamp isn’t just a nod to the past; it’s a fresh incarnation with a surfer twist that vibes with their current sound.

Jackson Kibzey’s hands crafted the guitar parts and drum engineering at Little Bullhorn, while Esteban orchestrated the rest, also handling the mix and master.

52 monthly listeners on Spotify. Let’s change that.

NOAH AND THE LONERS have unleashed their debut EP ‘A DESOLATE WARNING’, a sonic blast of punk ethos and raw narrative, produced by the esteemed Neil Kennedy.

This EP, a fervent protest against societal flaws and a lifeline for the disenchanted, is now spinning on Marshall Records. With their single ‘Crash Landing’ hitting BBC 6 Music, the band is set to electrify SXSW 2024, showcasing their visceral energy on international stages.

‘A DESOLATE WARNING’ delves into the depths of modern strife and personal turmoil, echoing the collective angst with Noah’s biting lyrics and the band’s unyielding vigor. As NOAH AND THE LONERS ascend, their message is clear: amidst chaos, their music stands as a beacon of solidarity and defiance.

Newcastle’s melodic punk newcomers, WILD SPELKS, drop their latest single ‘Take It From A Friend’.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Jonathon Sabiston, the track showcases the band’s knack for understated lyrical finesse and soaring melodies.

Recorded at Blank Studios, Newcastle, with engineer Chris McManus, the song marks a departure from their usual pop-rock sound, embracing elements of Americana with broad instrumentation including trumpets and acoustic guitars, alongside distorted guitars and thumping drums.

Featuring guest vocals from North East singer Joe Ernest Allan, the track delves into themes of depression and friendship.

With influences ranging from Cold Years to Grandaddy, Wild Spelks carve out their own niche in the melodic punk and alt-rock scene, earning praise from outlets like Clash Magazine and Classic Rock. Formed in 2020 as the solo project of Jonathon Sabiston, Wild Spelks have since evolved into a full live band, selling out headline shows and garnering attention for their infectious hooks and scuzzy alt-rock sound. Stay tuned for more releases and live show announcements from this rising North East act.

Nuremberg, Germany’s MELONBALL announce their acoustic EP, “eup•nea”, due for release on April 12.

This anticipated project is kicked off with the pre-save availability of the first single, “SINKING (ACOUSTIC)” featuring Vik from DEADENDS, highlighting a softer yet profound side of the skate punk pack.

The first single, “SINKING (ACOUSTIC)” featuring Vik from DEADENDS, can now be pre-saved.

This EP, featuring acoustic versions of five tracks from their debut album “Breathe,” offers a new take on MELONBALL’s punk rock sound, balancing their energetic style with a more intimate acoustic approach. The band members include Oli on vocals, Basti and Mally on guitars, Jens on bass, and Julian on drums.

EDUCACION CÍNICA has just dropped a gem for punk aficionados with the release of E.C #028 – TERRITORIO PUNK (CERO EN CONDUCTA), a pivotal compilation that brings together hallmark bands from the Buenos Aires punk scene of the mid-90s.

Originally launched in 1997, this collection features 13 bands delivering a total of 26 tracks, encapsulating the essence of classic Argentine punk rock that bands like Flema and 2 Minutos popularized. This iteration of punk, distinct from its 80s origins, spread its roots into the popular neighborhoods beyond the capital, drifting from political commentary to embrace a more street-level, “hooligan” lifestyle, underscored by a nihilistic view of the future.

Although these groups resonated with the same energy as their better-known counterparts and performed in iconic venues like “Cemento,” they remained etched primarily in the memories of those who lived the punk scene of the 90s and early 00s. A re-release in the new millennium saw “NND” swapped out for “Visión Saturada” for reasons that remain a mystery. This edition found its way across the Andes, popping up in record stores throughout Chile.

The latest offering from EDUCACION CÍNICA is a bootleg version of this compilation, streamlined to feature one song per band instead of two and with a shuffled order. This alteration aims to make the compilation more palatable, blending punk rock with hardcore punk in a more cohesive sequence, moving away from its “too Argentine” original vibe. Marking the label’s first foray into bootleg releases, this project underscores a commitment to preserving and celebrating the legacy of the punk scene, highlighting the importance of archival work and memory in the music community. Released on January 12, 2024, this collection not only pays homage to the era but also introduces a new generation to the raw, unadulterated sound of Buenos Aires’ punk heritage.

ELLEN MAY, hailing from Perth, Australia, is gearing up to make waves in the punk rock scene with their latest EP, “A Lonely Way to Go.”

This EP follows their promising debut with the Dying to Live digital 7″ last October. Influenced by bands like Hot Mulligan and Free Throw, Ellen May delivers a blend of angsty and starry-eyed pop-punk that’s sure to resonate with fans of rowdy hooks and earworm melodies.

KILL GOSLING’s new single “Cow Tools” is now up via We’re Trying Records.

This melodic punk rock track packs a punch, starting off smooth and ending with a powerful twist, drawing from post hardcore and screamo.

“Cow Tools” is an urgent and straight to the point emo-punk song in the vein of Joyce Manor or Prince Daddy and the Hyena. This song is about seeking comfort in substances, how we feel remorse for our own behavior, and trying to parse when we’re critiquing our actions through a lens of self disdain vs. through genuine empathy for ourselves, and the people around us.

Unleashing a raw fusion of rock’n’roll spirit and punk rock vigor, the OC RIPPERS have dropped their latest EP “Is There A Gun In This House?”

Wrapped in fuzzy guitars and propelled by gnarly vocals, this New Jersey quartet channels a no-frills punk ethos across four tracks.

With their reputation for catchy, melody-driven punk anthems, the OC RIPPERS sidestep musical subtleties, offering a straightforward blast of energy that’s as unapologetic as it is infectious.

SHRED ROGERS, the family-friendly metal project by Christopher Matthew Jones, known for his role in A DARK HALO, has unveiled a lyric video for the song “I’m A Nut” from the upcoming album “The Circle,” set for release on April 5, 2024, via Heavy Armor Records.

Described by Christopher as a reimagined children’s song with influences from GREEN DAY and traditional children’s tunes in rock form, “I’m A Nut” aims to blend fun, family-friendly content with the heavy metal genre.

Originating as a creative outlet during a hiatus from A DARK HALO, SHRED ROGERS has evolved from the earlier DADDY DEATH METAL project, focusing on producing metal music that’s enjoyable for all ages, incorporating multimedia elements like video content and comic books. Fans can look forward to “The Circle” and experience SHRED ROGERS’ unique blend of influences, including METALLICA and DREAM THEATER, tailored for a family audience.

“Cracked Actor” emerges as a defiant punk offering by 77 SPEARS, encapsulating a raw energy and unapologetic spirit in its brief but intense duration.

The lyrics convey a message of resilience, urging the audience to establish boundaries and recognize their worth amidst societal pressures.

Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge is set to release a sci-fi novel titled “Trinity” on June 11, co-written with AJ Hartley.

Loosely based on a purported UFO event around a nuclear testing site, the book explores pivotal moments in American culture in 1962 amidst the backdrop of the space race, Vietnam War, and government secrecy.

The story follows protagonist Van Lopez in Trinity, Nevada, who encounters mysterious lights in the sky and becomes entangled in a dangerous pursuit after a nuclear blast brings down something not of this world. Drawing from their collaboration on the Sekret Machines franchise, DeLonge and Hartley weave a tale of intrigue, romance, and survival.

RESIGNATION, hailing from the heart of Toledo, Ohio, delivers a punchy fusion of punk rock with a post-hardcore edge in their latest track “I’ll Remember That,” released on March 1, 2024.

Led by vocalist Wes Allen and accompanied by Chris Chilcote and Kurt Munoz on guitars, Luke Munoz on bass, and Jim Howes on drums, Resignation brings forth a captivating blend of punk energy and post-hardcore grit.

Get ready to rock out because MARTHA is hitting the road this winter, bringing their infectious energy to stages across the UK.

MARTHA isn’t just hitting the road – they’re also dropping some killer covers to keep the nostalgia flowing. Their new 7″ release, “Is Tomorrow Just a Day Like All The Rest?”, featuring renditions of beloved Jimmy Eat World classics, out now!

SMOOTH BRAIN is here, blending pop anthems with a punk rock spirit, all while flying the flag high for the LGBTQ+ crew.

They’ve got a fresh take on Olivia Rodrigo’s bop “good 4 u,” mixed with a dash of Paramore, creating the ultimate pop rock anthem that’s all parts catchy and empowering!

Los Angeles-based punk/power-pop ensemble FOR CLOSURE, fronted by vocalist Gizz Lazlo (known for his work with Dr. Know, U.K. Subs, The Freeze, and Dead Lazlo’s Place), has unveiled their latest single “No Condition” via Mindpower Records.

The track, which serves as a glimpse into their upcoming debut LP set for release in 2024, showcases the band’s dynamic blend of bold melodies and intimate lyricism.

Power pop punk rockers YEARS DOWN are back with an exciting announcement: the release of their new single, “Can’t Shake This Feeling.”

Hailing from Colorado, Years Down infuses their music with a blend of pop-punk and easycore, drawing inspiration from post-hardcore and alternative genres. The EP delves into themes of personal growth and self-discovery, juxtaposed against the band’s high-energy sound that offers an uplifting contrast.

Surrey-based punk rock quartet CALIFORNIA CHEESEBURGER unleashes their latest sonic onslaught with the release of their new single, “Toxic Wasteman.”

With influences ranging from Ramones to Misfits, bursting with fast-paced riffs and infectious vocals, the track promises a wild ride reminiscent of punk’s golden era.

PEE RECORDS has just released “PEE APPROVED Vol 6” featuring an eclectic mix of punk tracks from bands across Australia, Europe, and the USA.

This compilation includes 30 tracks, with 16 previously unreleased ones, showcasing over 80 minutes of awesome tunes. Some of the bands featured in this release include ALL HOPE REMAINS, BILLY DEMOS, BURNING FICTION, DAL FAILURE, DAN CRIBB & THE ISOLATED, and many more.

Kent’s own punk rockers, RATS NEST, are stirring up the scene with their latest single and music video for “Yesterday’s Song.”

This Margate-based outfit, known for their gritty alternative punk sound, has been turning heads, playing alongside heavy-hitters like Clobber and Maids of Ace, and even catching the eye of punk journalism royalty, Erin Micklow.

In a testament to the DIY ethos, Bad Tat Productions and recd709, both champions of working-class musicians, have pulled off a coup, delivering a music video that belies its zero-budget origins.

Adding to the video’s prestige, poet and actor Sven Stears, the reigning England Poetry Slam Champion of 2024, brings his talent to the forefront, starring in a piece that’s not just a music video but a statement. With its selection in the Folkestone Film Festival, the team behind “Yesterday’s Song” is eyeing the prize, showcasing the power of community and creativity in the punk scene.

“Yesterday’s Song” captures the essence of Margate’s rich cultural blend, from The Libertines to Tracy Emin. This collaboration stands as a beacon of the DIY spirit, marrying punk’s raw energy with cinematic craftsmanship. Stay tuned for an exclusive first look at what promises to be more than just a song, but a milestone in the journey of Rats Nest and the teams behind the scenes dedicated to elevating the voices of the DIY and working-class musicians.

SMARTPUNK RECORDS is gearing up to ignite Austin, TX, with its annual extravaganza, the SMARTPUNK HOUSE showcase, during SXSW on March 16th and 17th at the Empire Garage and Control Room.

This year, the celebration marks its 5th anniversary, promising an even more electrifying experience with a lineup that spans punk, metal, and beyond, featuring over 60 artists.

No SXSW badge? No problem! This all-ages, free event welcomes music enthusiasts with open doors from 12 PM on both days, offering an immersive festival atmosphere reminiscent of iconic gatherings like Warped Tour and RiotFest.

The lineup boasts a diverse array of talents from Aud Whitson to WAKE, ensuring there’s something for every punk and metal fan.


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Swedish punk-rock quintet UPPLOPPET gears up for the release of their debut studio album “Road Runner” on April 12th.

With a fusion of punk and rock influences, the band pays homage to punk and rock ‘n’ roll legends while infusing their own modern flair.

Barcelona’s own BLOWFUSE share “The 4th Wall,” merging the infectious rhythms of skate punk legends like Millencolin with the gritty vocal stylings reminiscent of NOFX.

This new album, available for pre-save, promises a deep dive into the band’s psyche, exploring themes of freedom, identity, and the hope of breaking free from self-imposed confines.

Venturing beyond their punk rock roots, Blowfuse experiments with a blend of funk rock and darker tones of alternative rock and hardcore, showcasing their versatility.

“The 4th Wall” is a look into Blowfuse’s naked mind. Its enigmatic cover art reflects a concept rather than just an image: the prison of perspective. The band’s new album aims to remind both the listener and the members themselves that freedom is a pendulum that swings between denial and acceptance. Side to side, relentless. And in that constant swinging we build the foundations of our identity from a young age.

TURNPIKE GATES led by the talented singer-songwriter Ryan Smith, is here to shake up your playlists with their debut full-length album, “Not Myself Today,” released on March 1, 2024.

Produced by the renowned Pete Steinkopf, this album is a culmination of passion and creativity, featuring captivating melodies and heartfelt lyrics that will resonate with listeners.

“Not Myself Today” invites listeners on a raw and introspective journey through Smith’s psyche, exploring themes of self-reflection, skepticism, and hope. Collaborating with talented musicians like Jared Hart, Jenn Fantaccione, and Danny “Dubs” Windas, Smith enriches the album’s sonic landscape with piano, horns, strings, and vocal harmonies.

The LP, mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Mike Kalajian, promises to captivate audiences with its catchy melodies and evocative storytelling. Turnpike Gates will support the release with live shows along the East Coast, starting March 21 at The Delancey in New York City.

Council Records proudly unveils “Semi-Perfect Crimes” by COFFIN PRICKS, resurrecting the band’s brief but memorable presence in the Chicago music scene of the early 2010s.

Initially formed by Ryan Weinstein with Chris Thomson and Jeff Rice, the band expanded to include Chay Lawrence for their live shows. Despite their dissolution after releasing a single in 2012 and crafting an album’s worth of material, much of their work remained unrecorded, lurking in the shadows of potential until now.

Renewed efforts by Council Records, spearheaded by Matthias Weeks, led to Ryan Weinstein remixing the band’s studio output, with Mikey Young handling the remastering. To complete the album, a live performance at Saki Records was remastered, offering a raw look at Coffin Pricks’ live energy and unreleased tracks.

Southern California’s melodic punk powerhouse, CHASER, is back with their highly anticipated new album, “Small Victories,” set to drop on June 28th via SBAM Records (EU), Thousand Islands Records (North America), and Pee Records (Australia).

Produced by Cameron Webb (known for his work with Motörhead, Pennywise, Alkaline Trio), this 13-track album marks the band’s triumphant return after nearly three years.

Exploring the theme of appreciating life’s small wins amidst ongoing struggles, CHASER delivers a message of resilience and perseverance.


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Shield Recordings is gearing up to release Pool, the debut album from Finnish punk rockers HOOK.

The album features 8 tracks of melodic punk rock reminiscent of the 90s San Francisco scene. Themes ranging from politics to equality, HOOK delivers a compelling mix of thought-provoking lyrics and infectious melodies.

MARC VALENTINE, emerging from the UK’s power pop scene, just dropped “Tyrannical Wrecks,” a track that delves into the power dynamics and disparities highlighted during the pandemic.

Known for his stint with Last Great Dreamers, Valentine’s latest work continues to blend punchy pop hooks with a raw rock edge. “Tyrannical Wrecks,” critiquing the blatant abuse of power by the elite during global crises, showcases Valentine’s knack for marrying catchy melodies with thought-provoking lyrics.

Set against the backdrop of Voewood Hall, Norfolk, and under the direction of Roland Harris, the accompanying music video offers a visual extension of the song’s thematic depth. Produced by Dave Draper, known for his work with The Wildhearts and Ryan Hamilton, the track sets the stage for Valentine’s upcoming album, ‘Basement Sparks,’ scheduled for a March 22 release via Wicked Cool Records.

Thousand Islands Records, a beacon for punk rock enthusiasts in Canada, is excited to introduce “The Sauce” compilation series, kicking off with Volume 1.

This compilation, available exclusively in physical format, features a collection of 17 explosive tracks, including some yet-to-be-released gems from Winning Streak, Trashed Ambulance, and Twenty2. With pre-orders now open, fans can anticipate shipping in May 2024.

Samuel Lucas lends his artistic talents to the compilation’s artwork, adding a visual layer to the auditory experience. The release offers two vinyl color options: Purple and Green, with the latter being a limited edition of 100 copies, exclusively available through the label’s store. To sweeten the deal, all vinyl purchases come with a 4-panel CD, while supplies last, ensuring fans have multiple mediums to enjoy these punk rock hits.

Featured on “The Sauce Vol. 1” is an array of tracks from both emerging and established bands within the punk scene. Side A includes bangers like “Fight of Our Lives” by CHASER and “Once Again” by Handheld, while Side B showcases tracks such as “Bright Side” by The Speakeasy and “Calling All Scars” by Counterpunch. This compilation not only highlights the vibrant punk rock community but also offers a platform for bands to reach new ears.

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