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Hardcore & Metalcore Shorts – end of February / early March 2024

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Buckle up, because this week’s dive into the hardcore scene is like plunging headfirst into a mosh pit brimming with angry punches and loads of high energy stuff you should check out.

LIFE’S QUESTION cranks up the heat in the hardcore scene with their blistering new single “When I Meet God.”

“When I Meet God” addresses existential questions and emotional turmoil, resonating with listeners through its poignant narrative and engaging composition.

“When I Meet God” comes from their forthcoming self-titled EP, scheduled for release on April 19 via Flatspot Records.

SIDESTEP, hailing from the vibrant punk scene of Gothenburg, Sweden, has just unleashed their electrifying new “Promo ’24”.

Recorded with Ulf Blomberg at Hoborec and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, this EP slaps with quality sound and posi vibes. August Hasselblad’s artwork nails the EP’s vibe. Straight up, Sidestep’s serving hardcore fans a fresh hit of that good stuff.

DIZEAZE shared two new songs this week: “Genie” and “8Ball” featuring Chris Cesarini of Street Power, recently signed to Triple B Records.

Established in August 2021 in memory of a dear friend, the band has undergone lineup changes and found their stride with vocalist Meg Thomas.

Their debut EP, “Silver or Lead,” preceded a successful Midwest tour with Candescent in late 2023. Now, with the “Magic 8 Ball” promo, they’re gearing up for another tour with Fishface in March, hitting cities like Wallingford, Philadelphia, NYC for “Black Punk Now” fest, and Boston.

The track “Genie” addresses their disdain for racial hate and white supremacy, while “8Ball” explores the pain of losing friends to poor decisions and substance abuse.

Looking ahead, DIZEAZE plans to continue touring with bands like Zulu, Rebelmatic, and Beef, with future music videos and releases in the works, including cassette and vinyl editions of “Magic 8 Ball” via Cavegirl Cassettes and Fragile Life Records.

Straight from Singapore, the all-female hardcore squad RADIGALS just dropped “Unbroken,” a full-throttle album that’s as real as it gets.

This pack delivers straight-up hardcore punk with a no-bullshit attitude that’s meant to be felt as much as heard.

KNOCKED LOOSE announces their new album “You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To,” set for release on May 10 via Pure Noise Records, alongside the lead single and video for “Blinding Faith.”

Diving into a decade of evolution, the album showcases a diverse and aggressive sonic palette that reflects both internal growth and external expectations.

The title, inspired by frontman Bryan Garris’ personal confrontation with his fear of flying, signals a mix of turmoil and reassurance.

The album refuses to shy away from the darker aspects of human emotion, with “Blinding Faith” criticizing religious hypocrisy through intense musical shifts.

New Age Records heralds the latest onslaught from ESCALATE with their single “Reap Or Sow” – a track that surges with the band’s signature straight-edge fury.

Hailing from Hungary, ESCALATE continues to make waves as the country’s first all-vegan straight edge band, melding their radical ideals with a sound that harks back to the politically charged hardcore of the past while ripping through the fabric of today’s scene.

Listen below and see our full feture about this new release HERE.

DOMAIN share new face-melter “Noix Et Boules,” a fresh cut from their bone-crushing album “Life’s Cold Grasp.”

This ten-track onslaught is a nod to the golden era of metallic hardcore, summoning the spirit of ’97 with each riff and breakdown. Think EARTH CRISIS and TURMOIL meeting in a steel cage—this is the vibe DOMAIN is channeling.

The South Florida heavyweights showcase their relentless aggression and unique sound, drawing influences from metalcore and deathcore while delivering a timely message against religious warfare and ignorance.

Vocalist Alex Rothber’s lyrics delve into the destructive nature of belief systems, reflecting on the chaos they breed. With Life’s Cold Grasp, Domain channels frustration into a cathartic release, exploring themes of corporate life, religion, and self-hatred. Prepare for an intense sonic journey as Domain solidifies their presence in the heavy music scene.

Vocalist Alex Rothber expands: “I wrote this song about religion. There’s so many wars and battles created by belief systems. It’s very strange to me. A belief is an opinion and it’s unforgivable that so many people have been killed over said opinions.”

The Gothenburg-based melodic hardcore outfit SHARP TONGUES has unveiled their evocative new single “Shadows,” a track that grapples with the ephemeral nature of past relationships and the haunting remnants of love lost.

“Shadows” dives deep into introspective lyrics, exploring the lingering doubts and bittersweet nostalgia of what once was.

Mendeku Diskak label shared ABOLITION’s “Demo” Cassette, a fiery debut from the Paris-based band.

Packed with five tracks that blend Punk, Punk-Hardcore, and UK82, the demo is sung entirely in English, delivering direct and unambiguous messages on social and political issues.

UK’s anarcho-punk outfit BAD BREEDING have released their incendiary new single “Survival,” a preview to their upcoming album “Contempt.”

Recorded and mixed by Greenberg Audio and mastered by Putting It On Wax, the single premiered on BBC 6 Music thanks to Mary Anne Hobbs. Set for a June 14th release on One Little Independent Records and Iron Lung Records, the album will feature the uncompromising anti-war artwork of Peter Kennard and will be accompanied by essays from writers like Ashenspire and environmental journalist Aidan Frere-Smith.

The Stevenage-based band, known for their fierce live performances and punk ethos, continues to channel their hometown’s spirit and the UK’s political unrest into their raw take on hardcore punk.

Stepping out of the UK’s gritty underbelly, GOING OFF just teamed up with KNUCKLEDUST to deliver a hardcore banger that’s as raw as a scraped knee on concrete.

Their latest track isn’t here to play nice; it’s 92 seconds of unapologetic, face-slapping aggression. This isn’t your polished, radio-friendly single—it’s the musical equivalent of a street brawl, where the only thing pretty is the chaos.

WOAT has just unveiled the official music video for “Holocene Extinction,” a formidable single from their forthcoming album of the same name.

Released on February 25, 2024, the video blends heavy hardcore, metalcore, and vegan metal into a punchy, muscular mix that’s pure adrenaline.

This latest offering, set to drop via Death Farm Records and Lower Class Kids Records, promises to be a significant milestone for WOAT. Keep your eyes peeled!

LOVE LETTER, featuring former members of Defeater and Verse, bursts onto the scene with their new single “New Anthemic.”

Produced by guitarist Jay Maas and Quinn Murphy, the track is available for streaming below.

With a forthcoming full-length album slated for release on Iodine Recordings, Love Letter explores themes of personal growth and introspection, emphasizing the importance of confronting past traumas to foster positive change.

Love Letter, a hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts, made a powerful debut with their EP “Death of a Nation,” released on March 9, 2018, via Iodine Recordings. The EP features four intense tracks that showcase the band’s raw energy and poignant lyricism.

Led by Quinn Murphy on vocals, Love Letter delivers a visceral experience through their music, tackling themes of societal decay and personal struggles with unapologetic fervor. Backed by the blistering guitar work of Jay Maas and Matthew Spence, along with the rhythmic foundation provided by drummer Andrew Reitz and bassist Dave Alcan, Love Letter creates a sonic onslaught that leaves a lasting impact.

Unleash your inner rebel with SCOWL’s Audiotree Live Session!

Dive into their electrifying performance of tracks like “Shot Down” and “Psychic Dance Routine” from their 2023 EP.

Don’t miss their exclusive interviews with Audiotree Host, FINGY, delving into their love for the genre, the Santa Cruz scene, and the story behind their hit “Bloodhound.”

D.I.Y. Koło Records proudly unveils “Ostatnia godzina” by YELL.

Scheduled for a digital release on February 27, 2024, fans can already dive into the anticipatory waves with the streaming of the first track, “We Mgle.”

“Ostatnia godzina” emerges from a collaboration of seasoned musicians hailing from Lublin, Poland, known for their past involvement in an array of influential underground bands. This album promises a visceral auditory experience, reflecting its creators’ profound roots in the punk and extreme music scenes.

The album will be available in various formats, with CDs and LPs distributed through D.I.Y. Koło Records and 161 Crew, and a special tape edition from Silesian Blood Records. The project’s depth is further accentuated by its members’ legacy, having evolved from bands like Antichrist and The Bold and The Beautiful.

Melodic hardcore band ONE STEP CLOSER drop new single “Leap Years”.

With this song, you’re cruising down memory lane, with the windows down and the sun kissing your face, all while rocking out to some seriously infectious tunes, blending summer vibes with a hefty dose of nostalgia for those epic times gone by.

They’ve got this killer knack for toeing the line between melodic hardcore punk and straight-up feel-good punk rock.

Their eagerly awaited album, “All You Embrace,” set to unfurl its sonic tapestry on May 17th under the banner of Run For Cover Records.

Following the critical acclaim of previous releases, “All You Embrace” leans into the melodic core of ONE STEP CLOSER’s essence, delivering an energy that refuses to wane.


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POISONED SEEDS just unleashed their self-titled beast onto the net, and it’s everything the die-hards have been waiting for.

No frills? Check. Power-packed? You bet. But don’t get it twisted—this record’s dripping with melody, all channeled through some wicked metal riffs and solos that’ll have you headbanging on instinct.

This Vancouver crew, forged from the fires of Hollow Ground, Go it Alone, and Blue Monday, brings that heavy hardcore lineage to a head with this latest drop. “Blame The Witch” is just a taste of the full-throttle assault that’s storming out of speakers everywhere.

The seeds have been planted, and what’s sprouted is a record that nods to the greats like Buried Alive and Hope Conspiracy while ripping through the scene with its own ferocious identity.

Out now on War Records.

Triple B Records has dropped a fresh hardcore release from STREET POWER, featuring the tracks “Time Is Coming For Us All” and “Perfect World.”

This two-song set delivers a tight, intense slap in the face, showcasing STREET POWER’s fierce energy.

End Hits Records is bringing back the Swedish hardcore punk titans ABHINANDA with a 2024 remastered reissue that just made its way to Bandcamp.

This colossal 5xLP box set, priced at a solid $110.00 and hitting the streets on 2/23/24 under catalog number EH094, is a treasure trove of nostalgia and crisp sound.

With their roots deeply entrenched in the 90s Umeå hardcore scene, ABHINANDA wasn’t just a band; they were movers and shakers, influencing a generation alongside the likes of REFUSED. The remastered collection, which includes full-length albums like “Senseless,” “Self Titled,” “The Rumble,” and a double LP of all the raw demos, EPs, and rarities, is a definitive nod to their legacy.

NØ MAN unleashes their latest single, “March of Ides,” offering a glimpse into their upcoming album, “Glitter and Spit,” set for release on March 29 via Iodine Recordings and Deathwish Inc.

The track serves as a poignant tribute to vocalist Maha Shami’s Palestinian heritage, drawing inspiration from her personal experiences as the daughter of refugees.

In addition to their musical endeavors, NØ MAN is dedicated to supporting humanitarian causes, with upcoming benefit shows scheduled to aid the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and Palestine Youth Movement.

BAYWAY NJ share new track “More Than Blood”.

Fresh out of Northern England’s relentless noise scene, we’ve got a double whammy release from 77 SPEARS that’s sure to rattle your bones.

Merging soul-punk with an existential twist, these two new tracks are not just songs; they’re gritty sonic explorations into the absurdity of life.

This band delivers a riff-tastic blast from the past with their 80s style hardcore punk, enriched with noise, melody, and a psychedelic twist.

Icons Creating Evil Art has just unveiled HEALER’s latest hardcore punch “Sovereign,” a raw and unapologetic blast from their upcoming split LP.

This track is a hardcore slap in the face, encapsulating the band’s brutal energy and no-holds-barred attitude.

HEALER, hailing from Buffalo, New York, doesn’t shy away from confronting personal and societal issues head-on. “Sovereign” delves into the theme of bodily autonomy and the frustration of unsolicited advice regarding personal health, echoing a call for respect and understanding that’s both fierce and deeply resonant.

TRUExFEELING drops some heavy news for all straight edge kids and heavy hardcore aficionados.

Bulgarian powerhouse TRUExFEELING is rolling out their debut monster, “…Of Flesh And Steel”, set to hit the scene on March 29th, courtesy of Bound By Modern Age Records.

Dig the grave and mark the spot; TRUExFEELING is resurrecting the raw, unadulterated spirit of ’90s death metal and beatdown hardcore.

But it ain’t just about the sound; it’s the message that hits hard. Tackling the demons of sobriety and addiction, the quest for self-awareness, and the forge of inner strength, the band isn’t shy about diving deep. They’re here to challenge conformity, question authority, and stand firm against fascism, wrapping their message in both direct hits and elaborate tales of fiction and hyperbole.

WORST DOUBT, the titans of Paris Hardcore, have unleashed their latest sonic onslaught, “Immortal Pain,” a raw, no-holds-barred heavy hardcore EP that solidifies their standing as hardcore connoisseurs.

Riding the tidal wave of acclaim from their debut album “Extinction,” WORST DOUBT continues to hammer down their authority with relentless energy, embarking on a transatlantic pact with BDHW Records and DAZE, ensuring their fierce sounds reverberate from Europe to North America. “Immortal Pain” is a distilled essence of aggression, a testament to the band’s unwavering dedication to the hardcore scene, delivering bone-crushing riffs and a ferocity that fans of IRATE, EVERYBODY GETS HURT, and MERAUDER will find irresistible.

On writing the EP, the band stated: “The songs are more metallish than Extinction or our earlier material, so we wanted to try a more straightforward approach to the recording. Expect zero mid guitar tone, no fancy reverb on vocals, just a rawer sound. We pretty much approached the recording session as ‘let’s make a glorified Death Metal demo.’”

BOUNDARIES, the Connecticut metalcore powerhouse, is gearing up to unleash their latest sonic onslaught with the impending release of their album “Death Is Little More” on March 29th, 2024, via 3Dot Recordings.

The anticipation builds as they drop a tantalizing taste of what’s to come with their new single, “A Pale Light Lingers,” featuring the dynamic vocals of Lochie Keogh of ALPHA WOLF.

Directed by the visionary Errick Easterday (known for works with Varials and Undeath), the accompanying music video is a visceral journey into the heart of their intense sound.

As the countdown to the album release begins, Boundaries is also embarking on their first-ever headlining US tour in support of “Death Is Little More.” Joining them on this raucous adventure are fellow heavyweights Orthodox, Kaonashi, and NO CURE. From Cambridge to Atlanta, they’ll be igniting stages across the nation, promising an electrifying live experience for metalcore aficionados everywhere.

“Sometimes the only way to move forward is to cut ties to what holds us to our past. Love and hate have to be held around the neck until nothing is left. To reject the world’s rejection and start again. To be selfless enough to die with the rest of them” vocalist Matthew McDougal says of the song that arrived with an Errick Easterday-directed video.


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The split EP from MEDICINAL & KIRKBY KISS has been made available online.

The split blends various styles ranging from post-hardcore and screamo to melodic hardcore. Medicinal brings a raw punk style, while Kirkby Kiss delivers a more muscular sound, yet emotionally engaging, departing somewhat from their previous releases.

The Coming Strife Records just lit the fuse with TCS 115: Demo by WITHPAPERWINGS, dropping an insane new demo that’s shaping up to be a metalcore masterpiece.

Keep your eyes peeled, ’cause this band’s about to make some serious noise. Hailing from Orlando and drawing inspiration from giants like On Broken Wings and Poison The Well, WITHPAPERWINGS delivers three tracks of top-tier mosh.

You can snag tapes and CDs right now from the store, where you’ll also find new label caps and a whole lot of other cool stuff on sale.

Check out the latest single “Ill At Ease” from Mindz Eye, a groovy hardcore-punk band hailing from Colorado.

Their upcoming album “The Vision,” set to release on March 29, promises a unique blend of aggressive punk energy infused with dreamy picks, funky licks, and tough riffs.

With members from diverse musical backgrounds and scattered across the state, Mindz Eye captures the essence of their influences.

MINDCHECK, the hardcore band hailing from Riesa/Dresden, unleashes their latest single “Driven by Resentment”, feat. NECK LOCK.

With rip strings that break hearts and bones, this track is a powerhouse of raw energy.

Niagara Falls-based hardcore band, WILD SIDE, has released their latest single titled “Hardcore Music Machine.”

Distributed by Triple B Records, the track embodies the band’s signature style of natural, organic hardcore, characterized by its honesty and authenticity, devoid of any pretense or gimmicks.

Ephyra label has just unveiled 4E030: Ascending Into Atrophy by MEANS OF SURVIVAL.

This digital album, launched on March 1, 2024, dives deep into the realms of metallized hardcore, enriched with an organic vibe that promises an early chapter in the journey of a band with the potential to leave a mark on NY hardcore.

GRINDWAR RECORDS has unveiled the latest split release featuring Thousand Cuts and Tylar, The Destroyer.

This fresh collaboration marries the intense powergrind sound of Mississippi’s Thousand Cuts with the unique avant-garde violence of Tylar, The Destroyer.

Scotland’s hardcore scene has a new landmark release with DESPIZE’s latest album, aptly titled “Scotland Hardcore.”

This album showcases a formidable fusion of hardcore intensity and metallic ferocity, affirming DESPIZE’s prowess in the genre.

Recorded and produced by the band themselves, the album benefits from the expert mixing skills of Ben Jones, ensuring each track delivers maximum impact. Mastering duties were handled by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege, a name synonymous with quality in the hardcore and metal scenes.

Feel the seismic arrival of “Changed Up,” the latest assault from ARIZONA’s metallic hardcore band LOCKED DOWN.

Chantz Merrell, the voice of LOCKED DOWN, describes “Changed Up” as a cathartic blast, a necessary shake-up born from personal and collective trials. It’s their manifesto against negativity, a sonic purge of denial, powered by real-life friction with fans, family, and beyond.

IN 2 AGAIN, the New Haven-based band, has just dropped their latest release, “It’s All Red To Me,” blending elements of emo hardcore and Glassjaw infused punk into a dynamic and impassioned sound.

Led by vocalist Jay Torblaa, the band delivers a punchy and raw performance across the album’s five tracks. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Chris Torok at The Source in New Haven, CT, the album captures the essence of In 2 Again’s live energy, showcasing their tight instrumentation and emotive lyricism. With tracks like “Maxine,” “Is This Still Real?,” and “Clean Exit,” the band explores themes of introspection, identity, and personal struggles, resonating with listeners through their heartfelt delivery.

Get ready to have your skull caved in—UMBRA VITAE is on the brink of dropping “Light Of Death.”

With a lineup that reads like a who’s who of metal royalty, featuring Jacob Bannon of Converge belting the vocals, Mike McKenzie and Sean Martin shredding the guitars, Greg Weeks hammering the bass, and Jon Rice crushing the drums, expect nothing less than an inferno of sound.


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SILENCE EQUALS DEATH, the heavy hitters reigning over New Jersey’s hardcore scene, are back with a vengeance on their sophomore full-length, “I’ll See You On the Other Side.”

Building on the legacy of their debut “End Times,” which has etched its name as an East Coast hardcore staple, their latest offering is set to pick up the gauntlet with even more ferocity.

So if you’re about that metalcore life with the spirit of Agnostic Front and Death Before Dishonor, Silence Equals Death is serving up the goods.

Cape Town’s THE TALON unleashes their debut single “Hateful Thing,” along with a self-produced music video, available below.

This new band merges the intensity of modern hardcore with the raw edge of rock ‘n’ roll, drawing comparisons to Kublai Khan TX, Knocked Loose, and Every Time I Die.

Leipzig-based mathcore/sludge duo PARK+RIOT launches their latest single and video, “Boltcutters,” taken from their upcoming album “Wise Words From Well-Fed Mouths.”

The track, inspired by their experiences working in a refugee camp in Lesvos, Greece, is a dynamic outcry for radical change and equal rights for all. The album is scheduled for release on March 15th via This Charming Man Records. Additionally, the band shares insights into their recent tour through Israel and announces upcoming tour dates across Germany, including shows in Tangermünde, Greiz, Leipzig, Hamburg, Dresden, Halle, and Delitzsch, along with a performance in Warsaw, Poland, on April 20th.

This week, hardcore videographer HATE5SIX has been prolific, sharing numerous new live videos featuring a range of bands.

Among the recent uploads are performances by MINDFORCE and DYING FETUS at FYA 2024, TRAPPED UNDER ICE at Revolution Calling 2023, as well as appearances by RABBIT, CANDY APPLE, and more.

BORYOKU storms out of Los Angeles with their latest album “Malevolent,” a dark and metallic foray that blurs the lines between thrash and hardcore punk.

This record plunges into the underground with a voracious growl, guitar solos that slice through the noise, and a thrash foundation that can’t help but evoke the raw energy of Metallica’s earliest demos.

Every track off “Malevolent” promises a headfirst dive into the band’s fierce sonic realm, with the intensity of thrash metal and the defiant spirit of punk coursing through its veins.

The latest episode of Growing Up Punk podcast is out now, and it’s one you won’t want to miss.

This time around, they’re diving deep into the punk, hardcore, and emo landscapes, bringing you some of my top picks from February’s releases.

Featuring Slope, Wayfarer, ‘92, Circles, Naga Siren, Reconciler, and a whole lot more, including Paul and James, from The Promised End, discussing their new record ‘For the Buried and the Broken’.

IRON LUNG Records unveils the highly anticipated debut full-length album, “Malignant Existence” (LUNGS-263), by REEK MINDS, now available for pre-order.

Bursting with the raw energy of 80’s hardcore, the record delivers blistering speed and punishing sonics, pushing the boundaries of intensity. Recorded by Evan Mersky and mastered by Will Killingsworth, the album channels the spirit of Void covering Negative Approach or Lärm doing Poison Idea, offering a visceral experience akin to their electrifying live performances.

CERAMIK’s “A Life So Bleak,” hit the shelves on March 1st, courtesy of Delayed Gratification Records.

Following their previous releases on Practice Hatred Records, the Simi Valley, CA-based band delivers their raw, straight up debut 8-song LP. Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ryan Ellery, with additional guitars by Ryan Ellery & Luis Amezcua, and captivating artwork by Jeremy Colegrove.

Denver’s mountain-hardened warriors, TIME X HEIST, are back with a vengeance, dropping the “The Odds Against Tomorrow (Expanded Edition)” via Heroes + Martyrs Records.

Championing the ethos of classic straight edge hardcore with a gritty bounce, the band’s reissued debut EP is a testament to their spirit.

Lead vocalist Mark affirms, “This is the record as we originally intended to release it.” Now available for purchase on vinyl through Heroes + Martyrs, the EP marks a pivotal moment for the band, setting the stage for their inaugural European tour this summer.

Prepare for a sonic onslaught as TIME X HEIST takes the stage at Ain’t Like You Festival and Ieper Hardcore Fest, alongside heavyweights like Slapshot and Incendiary. Don’t miss your chance to witness hardcore history in the making.

Polish mathcore enthusiasts S.O.M.A are making waves with their latest EP release, “Locker Room”, combining elements of hardcore, sludge, jazz, and noise, the EP offers a captivating journey through experimental soundscapes.

The band’s refusal to be pigeonholed into a single genre is evident, as they seamlessly blend heavy riffs with intricate jazz influences, creating a dynamic and original listening experience.

“Locker Room” serves as a teaser for the band’s upcoming full-length album, promising even more innovation and exploration

Hardcore punk band NEW CLEAR FUTURE shared their new single titled “Getinatcha.”

Formed in 2005 in Ravenswood, WV, the band gained local success during the “Myspace years,” blending thrash, skate punk, and youth crew hardcore.

Check out INTEGRITY’s latest release, “LIVE NYC,” for a dose of metallic hardcore icons in their element.

For Bandcamp Friday, they’ve added limited edition test press records with hand-drawn covers by Dwid Hellion to the Integrity store. These include the “ALL DEATH IS MINE” test press, “IN CONTRAST OF SIN” test press (last copy available!), and “DEN OF INIQUITY” 2XLP test press (last copy available!).

BAG’s sophomore album, “BLUE,” is available now on all streaming platforms.

Don’t miss BAG live at BareWolf Brewing in Amesbury on Friday, March 8th!

The band hails from Methuen, Massachusetts and offers a rock’n’roll and metal infused take on hardcore.

R.A.I.D. (Rueban And the Imperium Division), the Metallic Hardcore band hailing from Hyderabad, India, is streaming their new single, “Aftermath.”

The track serves as a guiding light for suicide survivors, offering solace and outlining a path to recovery in the wake of profound loss. Addressing the social stigma surrounding suicide, “Aftermath” acknowledges the struggles faced by survivors who often find themselves navigating grief alone.

Dive into the mosh pit of excitement at the VENEZIA HARDCORE FEST 2024, a sanctuary for the alternative souls thriving on punk, hardcore, and metal!

Set to electrify the CSO Rivolta in Marghera on May 24th and 25th, this festival marks a continuation of a decade-long tradition, bringing together a diverse array of thirty bands including INFEST, BLOWFUSE, GRADE2, RIVIERA, and a slew of others across two roaring stages.

From unique shows to a bustling merch area and an indoor skate zone, get ready to embrace the raw, unadulterated spirit of underground music. Snap up those early bird tickets or brave the queue for a day pass—either way,

Chaotic mathcore and hardcore blender EKBOM share new mind-wrencher via Shove Records.

EKBOM unleashed their mind-bending mathcore chaotic hardcore masterpiece last year. Their self-titled album is a relentless onslaught of experimental soundscapes, capturing the essence of their unique musical vision. From the frenetic energy of “Il Colore Dell’Ombra” to the haunting intensity of “Affogare Nel Cemento,” each track delves deeper into the band’s sonic exploration.

JADE DUST, the Portland, OR-based melodic hardcore outfit, has surprised fans with an early release of their much-anticipated album “Grey Skies”.

Born from the creative minds of longtime friends Rudi Jung (vocals, guitar) and Chris Duprey (guitar, vocals), Jade Dust draws inspiration from the hardcore scenes of DC and the Bay Area from the late ’80s and early ’90s. The band became a crucial creative outlet for Jung following a motorcycle accident in 2016, which left him with a paralyzed arm, pushing him to pen lyrics and master the guitar with one hand.

After forming in 2019, Jade Dust quickly made their mark with a demo recorded in 2020, leading to their music being released on cassette by Extinction Burst in the US and Sailin’ On in Europe. Their journey continued with a 6-track 12” EP in 2021, and the “Wild Geese” 8-song 12” EP in 2022, showcasing their evolving sound and solidifying their place in the hardcore community.

The album is released on March 1st through Council Records, Extinction Burst, and GGT Records.

BINGE just dropped a hellish new track that’s smashing metalcore into industrial with a side of dark metal vibes, and whatever else fits into that murky abyss.

“Restless” is a trip to the edge of a nightmare, no cap. And get this – BINGE is chilling with just 27 monthly listeners on Spotify. That’s right, twenty-seven. Talk about flying under the radar.

WISDOM & WAR, the CMHC hardcore band, has just released a Papa Roach cover that’s now streaming on all platforms.

Get ready to experience their hardcore energy and unique twist on “Dead Cell”.

THE GOOD DEPRESSION, a metal-infused, melodic southern-vibed hardcore band hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, are streaming two new singles “Sex Act” and “Snakes & Charmers”.

The band delves into themes of emotional turmoil and existential reflection. “Sex Act” explores the chaos of the pandemic, while “Snakes & Charmers” delves into the feeling of insignificance in a world of perceived importance.

With a third single on the horizon and a second full-length album slated for May, The Good Depression is gearing up for a big year.

They’re set to embark on a tour across the United States in July, followed by performances throughout Ontario and Quebec.

DAYZ LOST, Indiana’s heavyweight champions of muscular hardcore, have just dropped a bomb with their “Demo Redux”.

It’s a revitalized beast, packing even more punch with the addition of “Win or Lose ft. Queensway” – a track that flexes with collaborative might.

DRILL, a collective hailing from St. Gallen, Switzerland, have shared their first full-length LP titled “HOMMAGE”.

Since their formation in 2018, the band has been delving into an exhilarating blend of Hardcore and Metal, prioritizing fun and musical abandon above all else. This LP represents a labor of love, with 11 tracks brimming with heart and soul, despite serving a solid punch in the face. A must listen.

Celebrated for their boundary-pushing soundscapes, DEFDOT unveils their latest sonic masterpiece, “ARCOS & BULBOS”.

In a collision of sonic experimentation and raw energy, Brazil’s DEFDOT unleashes their debut album, “ARCOS & BULBOS,” traverses realms of punk, hardcore, and noise rock, with a sprinkle of chaotic hardcore and a dash of metal influences. The result? An auditory adventure that defies categorization, showcasing the band’s unorthodox and ambitious approach to composition.

South Yorkshire-based DIY anti-fascist hardcore band CLASS TOURISTS unleashe their latest single, “YOUR GRANDAD FOUGHT THE NAZIS…”.

The track, titled “YOUR GRANDAD FOUGHT THE NAZIS…”, is a wild and raw ride through unapologetic punk energy and politically charged lyrics.

Birmingham’s hardcore outfit, BROKEN LUNGS, unleashes their latest EP, “Love Is Temporary And So Are We,” on March 1st, 2024.

Dedicated to those navigating the journey of survival and self-love post-grief, the EP delivers a raw and unapologetic sonic experience. Featuring tracks like “Push Notifications, Pushing Me To The Edge” and “Catholic Guilt,” the EP captures the band’s ferocious energy and introspective lyricism.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Myroslav Borys at Jigsaw Audio, with striking artwork by Make North and photography by Kayla May, the EP is now available for streaming worldwide.

“Gutcheck” by VOID BRINGER is a raw, unapologetic track from their upcoming debut LP, “Rural Anti-Bastard Mapleviolence,” set to release in the summer of 2024 through 625 Thrashcore, Blast For Humanity, Second Republic Records, and Nuclear Ass Records.

With a fierce intensity, the song challenges listeners to confront their own evolution, questioning if they’ve stayed true to their roots.

IRON LUNG Records unveils the long-awaited release of PAPRIKA’s LP “Let’s Kill Punk” (LUNGS-251), promising a hardcore rampage that’s been brewing behind the scenes.

With a mantra of “Destroying Shit… Ruining Lives…,” the album channels the intense frustration of those moments when all you want to do is unleash chaos. Deliberately paced and fueled by outward-facing hostility, “Let’s Kill Punk” offers a visceral experience that’s larger than life.

Life and Death Brigade has just hit us with a new hardcore EP that packs a punch, “Walk Alone” by WALK ALONE.

This pack is serving up a slice of hardcore that’s as tough as it comes, and it’s action-packed from start to finish.

84 TAPES, hailing from Woodstock, New York, has dropped their debut full-length album, “Manic Reality,” diving headfirst into the horrorpunk scene with a hardcore twist.

Born in June 2022, this band merges the eerie vibes of horrorpunk legends like Misfits and TSOL with the fierce energy of hardcore punk pioneers Black Flag and Dead Kennedys. They don’t stop there; guitar influences range from Matt Pike’s doom-laden riffs to Page Hamilton’s melodic hardcore, crafting a sound that’s both familiar and fresh.

DEFLUGE’s “Life in the Shadow” EP is the latest raw hardcore blitz from Bloodless label.

With members who’ve cut their teeth in Hackjob, Abrazos, and a slew of other face-melters, this EP doesn’t just hit hard—it annihilates.

Prepare for a sonic onslaught this May and June as DRAIN unleashes their Good Good Tour across North America, accompanied by a staggering seventeen bands in total.

With hardcore heavyweights Terror and End It leading the charge for the majority of the tour, and Scowl and Angel Du$t swapping spots midway through, the lineup promises an electrifying experience from start to finish.

But that’s not all – additional openers like Madball, Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate, Dead Heat, and more ensure there’s something for everyone.

Vocalist Sammy Ciaramitaro describes the tour as “insanely stacked,” likening it to a festival lineup straight out of someone’s Spotify Wrapped dreams. And for the bigger cities, expect Beach Parties featuring special guests for an extra cherry on top.


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Seattle’s noise rock/sludge/post-metal powerhouse, GREAT FALLS, debuts their electrifying new video for “Trap Feeding,” a standout track from their latest opus, Objects Without Pain.

Premiered by Decibel Magazine, the video captures the raw intensity of the band’s live performance, showcasing their unparalleled live energy.

Comprising seasoned veterans from iconic groups like Kiss It Goodbye and Undertow, GREAT FALLS’ fourth studio endeavor was released to critical acclaim last fall under Neurosis’ Neurot Recordings, with a special cassette version by Total Dissonance Worship.

The album, a sonic exploration recorded across various studios and mixed by Scott Evans, features additional contributions from artists across the spectrum, creating a dense, immersive soundscape. “Trap Feeding” is described as a visceral journey through humanity’s complex digital and pre-apocalyptic reality, likened to a chilling baptism into newfound clarity.

With a European tour supporting Botch on the horizon and more live dates including performances with Wake and Helms Alee, GREAT FALLS is set to leave a mark with their uncompromising sound and profound narrative depth.

THE BREATH, Tokyo’s hardcore punk luminaries, have unleashed their latest sonic assault with “道理なき憎悪 Reasonless Hate,” a blistering testament to the band’s raw power and visceral energy.

With a sound that nods to the giants of hardcore like Youth of Today and Inside Out, THE BREATH stands as a beacon for Japan’s hardcore scene, delivering anthems of defiance and revolution.

Watch their new video for “Intro + 道理なき憎悪 Reasonless Hate” below.

SLUND, hailing from Slovenia, unleashes a raw powerviolence attack with their latest release, “Noisetape Volume 2.”

This intense compilation features tracks like “Time To Play,” “The Dream Is Over,” and “Believe,” delivering a relentless onslaught of grindcore, punk, and sludge.

ALIENIST, the trailblazing metalcore quintet from Wollongong, Australia, has unleashed their debut EP “LOVE/HATE”.

This release, accompanied by the dynamic new video for the single “Hypnotise,” showcases the band’s ability to navigate the complex emotional terrain of love, hate, religion, mental health, and the dissolution of relationships with a masterful blend of ferocity and introspection.

Thematically traversing themes of religion, self doubt, relationship struggles and mental health, Love/Hate balances its searing instrumentals and dexterous layers alongside arresting and immense emotive content; a fact seen not just in the broader EP itself, but in the brand new single and video Hypnotise also out today.

Parting the curtain behind Hypnotise, the band share: “A reflection of how we, as a band, have struggled internally with mental health issues and the existence of the band and our audience has allowed us to fight through those struggles and provide us with a sense of purpose. The name hypnotise explores how although an audience may feel hypnotised by us, being on the stage and performing our art, that we are truly the ones that are hypnotised by the audience that supports us”.

Mendeku Diskak unleashes a sonic onslaught with PRESSURE PACT’s latest 7″ EP, “Visions Of Terror.”

After a hiatus, the Dutch hardcore punk outfit returns with a relentless barrage of old-school aggression, channeling the spirit of 80s Boston hardcore. Clocking in at just over six minutes, the EP wastes no time, delivering five tracks of raw intensity and unapologetic fury.

No Time Records unleashes the ferocious energy of SIPING PIGS with their latest release, “2 Piece and a Biscuit” [NTR 388].

Recorded in 2014 by Josh Franks at Stagg Street, this album encapsulates the raw power of punk, crack rock steady, grindcore, hardcore, and powerviolence.

Prepare yourself for a raw hardcore punk attack with TOTAL SHAM’s self-titled album.

TOTAL SHAM is an American hardcore punk band from Kansas City, Missouri. The band formed in early 2021 under the name D.Y.E. and changed its name to Total Sham in early 2022. Its first release as Total Sham, Life As A Total Sham, came out in April 2022. Now, they’re ready to unleash havoc with their latest LP for Under The Gun Records. Clocking in at just 17 minutes, this album is a relentless tornado of primal and unapologetic hardcore.

Check out “Manifest III” now! It’s the third of four interrelated EPs by the prolific, militant vegan straight edge metalcore project FORWARD TO EDEN.

This release features two covers from lesser-known representatives of the early 90s Hardline scene: “Silent Vote” by HEALING (a Polish band with members that later formed Pain Runs Deep) and “Moloch” by the infamous Ecorage from Germany. Additionally, the EP includes the original track “Final Declaration,” continuing the new Manifest.

LAST WISHES, the LINYHC hardcore titans, just unleashed a visceral slab of their live prowess with “Live At Outbreak ’22”.

Captured at the UK’s Outbreak Fest, this raw and heavy set throws down a pivotal moment in the band’s trajectory. The album, a no-frills, full-throttle documentation of their stage fury, has been spun into existence and is now ripe for the taking over at DAZE-style’s hub.

The single “Loyalty”, previously dissected by IDIOTEQ for its brutal blend of vocals and guitars, complete with a stomp-worthy breakdown, can now be experienced in its live glory. If you weren’t in the pit or missed the memo, here’s your shot to get a sonic slice of LAST WISHES at their live and unadulterated best. Hit play, feel the surge, and check out what the buzz is all about for yourself.

NYMPHO helmed by the creative force of ‘In Blue’ creator Seth Darling, has hit the scene with “SUFFER,” a track that drags you into its depths with a mantra-like, immersive vocal delivery.

Merging the intensity of hardcore with the rawness of Grind and the experimental edge of dirty metal, this track isn’t rushing to meet you — it’s a slow, crushing force that insists you meet it on its terms. With a humble count of 4 monthly listeners on Spotify, “SUFFER” is the sound of the underground.

HETZE, straight outta Belgium, ain’t playing around. Dubbing their sound as “furious punk violence,” they’re not just hitting the mark; they’re tearing it apart.

This crew, dredged up from the depths of the Belgian punk and death metal scenes, is all about cranking out tracks that are as aggressive as they are unexpectantly hooky.

With an LP and a couple of splits under their belt, Hetze’s gearing up to drop “Until I Snap” come April, flaunting artwork that’ll grab you by the eyeballs. Viktor’s metal roots bleed through the drumming, adding a layer of complexity to their hardcore punk assault, while Eva’s vocals draw from a blend of ’80s UK hardcore and modern mayhem, despite her self-proclaimed pace limitations.

Louisiana’s metallic hardcore titans, CAPRA, are hitting the road hard this spring with a headlining tour that’s set to scorch the West from April 25th in Houston, Texas, through May 8th in Fort Worth, Texas.

Teaming up with the likes of Slow Pulse and Cold View on select dates, the band is pumped to bring their frenetic energy back to the stage.

Before they head West, CAPRA is tearing through the Eastern US, supporting Escuela Grind starting this weekend at Aurafest in Savannah, Georgia, rolling through to March 21st in Memphis, Tennessee. It’s a full-throttle journey showcasing their latest sonic assault, “Errors,” a sophomore effort that’s been turning heads and bending ears with its raw power and intricate songcraft. Described as a cathartic blast of pure hardcore energy with a metallic edge, “Errors” has earned accolades for capturing the raw essence of personal suffering and triumph with unparalleled intensity.


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Tax Evader and EXOGORTH unleash their fury with a blistering split, now tearing through Bandcamp.

This collaborative chaos brings a raw, unfiltered grindcore and powerviolence storm, encapsulating the essence of underground punk’s grimiest. *Split w/ EXOGORTH* is an explosive showcase of relentless aggression, where Tax Evader lays down tracks like “Bestial Gatekeep” and “MRSA Full Fate,” delivering a gut-punch of sonic brutality.

NoEcho magazine highlights the emergence of several dynamic new hardcore bands, including DIRTYWORK and CAMARO.

EMPIRE DEMOLITION, WARNING ORDER, GVSAR, and MERC also earn recognition. See the full feature HERE.

Unless, like us, you’re unable to open the page because it throws an error: Bad Request. Bummer.

STATIC DRESS has unveiled plans for an innovative venture, announcing the upcoming release of a video game inspired by their debut album, “Rouge Carpet Disaster.”

Scheduled for launch on March 7th, this retro-inspired game will be available on the now-defunct Game Boy Color, originally released by Nintendo in 1998. The project, which underwent around three years of development, promises players a unique experience with levels delving into the visual lore of the album.

Additionally, the game will feature 8-bit renditions of tracks from the album, adding an immersive layer to the gaming experience.


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