Frail Body by @ging_bbu
Frail Body by @ging_bbu
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Screamo & Post Hardcore Shorts – End of February / early March 2024

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Ah, the age-old debates and squabbles over what truly defines screamo and post-hardcore have been as much a staple of the scene as black tees at a concert. For years, fans have locked horns in an endless tussle, trying to pinpoint the essence of these genres. Is it the raw, visceral screams that tug at your very soul, or the intricate dance between dissonance and melody that defines screamo? And what of post-hardcore’s blend of aggression and finesse? The truth is, rather than getting lost in a verbal maze of definitions and distinctions, the best way to understand these genres is to dive headfirst into their latest offerings. So, here’s this week’s wrap-up.

THIRTY SOMETHING RECORDS just dropped HAMMOK’s latest ripper, “Look How Long Lasting Everything Is Moving Forward For Once”.

This Oslo, Norway powerhouse busted outta nowhere, snagging an international spotlight with a legendary showcase at ESNS 2024 that had the music industry buzzing like they were at a Turnstile gig, fresh-faced and wild. The Dutch critics at 3voor12 even hailed them as the “2nd best concert at ESNS 2024”, catapulting them onto the bill of massive fests like Best Kept Secret, Valkhof, Core Fest, Arctangent, Malakoff, and Bukta, to name a few.

Their debut EP, labeled by Pitchfork as one of 2023’s finest hardcore entrances, set the stage with “JUMPING/DANCING/FIGHTING” (JDF) becoming the crew’s battle cry, promising a party wherever they crash. Now, with the debut album dropping on March 1st, Hammok is gearing up to shake Tiger Records on February 29th with an intimate gig and a sneak peek at the limited edition vinyl. If you’re into the raw edges of HEALTH, IDLES, CONVERGE, TOUCHE AMORE, and JR EWING, Hammok’s blend of hardcore styles is about to shred through your expectations.

FRAIL BODY, the Illinois-based screamo trio, has unveiled “Devotion,” the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album, Artificial Bouquet.

Scheduled for release on March 29th through Deathwish, this album follows their acclaimed debut and continues to showcase the band’s intense and emotive approach to screamo.

Vocalist and guitarist Lowell Shaffer delves deep into personal territory, reflecting on his mother’s unwavering Christian faith and the harrowing experience of witnessing a devout believer confront the limits of their faith in the face of mortality. Raised in a Christian household, Shaffer finds that his upbringing has significantly shaped his worldview and decision-making, yet adulthood has brought forward pressing questions about the nature of faith and suffering.

“Devotion” explores the dichotomy of suffering as both a potential catalyst for character development and a seemingly cruel aspect of existence. Shaffer questions the understanding of a deity in the context of human suffering, pondering whether the challenges faced and overcome by individuals serve a greater purpose in honing one’s ability to support others. Furthermore, he contemplates the notion of suffering as a means to inspire future generations towards the betterment of humanity, suggesting a complex interplay between personal pain and the broader tapestry of human experience.

The song’s introspective theme is complemented by a music video directed by John Bradburn, offering a visual representation of the track’s deeply reflective and emotional narrative. “Devotion” stands as a testament to Frail Body’s ability to weave personal stories into their music, inviting listeners to ponder the intricacies of faith, suffering, and the human condition.

DREAM, INERTIA has released a new single titled “Wavering,” recorded on the traditional lands of the Turrbul & Jagera people, the band emphasizes that sovereignty was never ceded.

The track was engineered and mixed by Christopher Brownbill at Underground Audio in Meanjin/Brisbane, Australia, during January and February of 2024, and mastered by Brad Boadright in Portland, USA. Featuring the talents of Reuben Dance on drums, Alex Russell on bass and vocals, and Tarkan Pasin on guitar and vocals, “Wavering” is out under Team Glasses Records as TG062, and showcases the band’s evolving sound, blending skramz, post-hardcore, and a hint of blackened tremolo.

ØJNE’s “Undici/Dodici” EP returns!

Italy’s Øjne resurrect their seminal EP “Undici/Dodici,” a masterpiece of the screamo genre. Recorded in the depths of Milan and mixed by the esteemed Will Killingsworth, this release encapsulates the raw emotion and intensity of the band’s early years.

With a fusion of metal crust, post-hardcore, and emoviolence, Øjne’s sonic journey is a testament to their enduring influence. Get ready to be swept away by the haunting melodies and visceral screams of “Undici/Dodici” once again.

Available now via SHOVE records.

Immerse yourself in the cathartic sounds of BASQUE, a 4-piece screamo powerhouse hailing from Kitchener, Ontario.

Their debut LP, “Pain Without Hope Of Healing,” slated for release on March 22, 2024, is supported by labels worldwide.

Drawing inspiration from Jeromes Dream, Portraits of Past, with ethereal dream-like riffs juxtaposed against bursts of powerviolence and a droning wall of noise, their album takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions.

Touching on themes of modern-day capitalism, addiction, repentance, and melancholy, the record is a deeply personal and emotionally charged experience.

Tomb Tree Tapes unleashes the intense soundscapes of MIS SUEÑOS SON DE TU ADIÓS with their latest cassette EP “2022-2023 + Live.”

For fans of Senza, Terrifying Girls’ High School, and Aux.Aura, this Argentinian skramz offering combines shrieky intensity with glitchy Myspace vibes, resulting in a visceral auditory experience.

Limited to just 31 tapes, the release features all 2022-2023 material alongside a full b-side of live jams, promising an immersive journey through 20 captivating tracks. Dive into the sonic chaos and secure your copy before they disappear into the abyss.

Hasiok Records has unveiled their latest offering, a split EP featuring GUANTANAMO PARTY PROGRAM and WIEŻE FABRYK, two prominent bands from Poland’s vibrant underground music scene.

This collaboration brings together Wrocław’s Guantanamo Party Program, known for their atmospheric post-hardcore sound, and Łódź’s Wieże Fabryk, who bring dynamic cold wave to the table.

Despite the apparent contrast in styles, the split EP reveals a surprising synergy between the bands, showcasing their shared spirit.

SIBIIR, the Oslo-based harbinger of post metal, post hardcore, and crusty hardcore, is set to unleash their third studio album “Undergang” on May 14, 2024, marking a significant milestone as the 200th release on Fysisk Format.

Diving into the depths of their most ambitious work yet, fans are given a glimpse into the tumultuous waters with the early release of “Placid Waters,” a track that seamlessly blends aggression with melody, setting the tone for what promises to be a monumental album.

Boasting a lineup featuring talents from MALEVICH, UNDER A SKY SO BLUE, and RIOTNINE, SOLVALOU is set to unleash their debut EP on March 5th, 2024, through Tomb Tree.

Today, we’re treated to a sneak peek with the premiere of their new track, “Our Home Breathes”, a prime example of SOLVALOU’s essence, a track that rolls out a spectrum of emotions, leaving listeners yearning for more. The blend of intense screamo and post-hardcore elements with a touch of post-rock makes this a standout preview of what’s to come.

Listen below and go here for full feature.

Get ready for an earth-shattering collaboration as west coast bands GXLLIUM! and ONEWAYMIRROR team up for a monumental split EP.

Released through Zegema Beach Records, the split EP, as Zegema Beach Records puts it, this could very well be the split of the year, a sentiment echoed by fans and critics alike.

For fans of: Love Lost But Not Forgotten, In Loving Memory, .gif from god, etc.

GARDEN HOME, the Milwaukee-based punk rok act, drops their latest single “Worst of It,” a sonic rollercoaster blending raw emotion with anthemic energy.

The track is a glimpse into their highly anticipated self-titled debut LP, slated for release on April 12 via Thumbs Up Records.

Guitarist Mike Holloway expresses, “Recording with Cody Ratley again was a no-brainer for us – he understands the massive sound that we’re chasing that really captures our live energy.” Vocalist Dylan Mazurkiewicz adds, “The lyrics in this song were born out of frustration and depression – including the things that hold us back like self-doubt and harmful coping mechanisms.”


यो पोस्ट Instagram मा हेर्नुहोस्


Garden Home (@gardenhomewi) ले साझा गरेको पोस्ट

ZERUM’s “NANA KOROBI YA OKI” is a grim march through the underbelly of hardcore, delivered with the kind of guttural force that echoes through the back alleys of Berlin’s darkened streets.

Recorded in Oldenburg’s Tonmeisterei with Role, with Dave lending a hand, it’s a sledgehammer of emotion with a German-Polish punk thread woven through its core.

Dropping for a name-your-price tag on Bandcamp, the pre-release offers a taste of the fury to come with tracks like “Wdech i wydech,” clocking in at a staggering 7:51. The full LP, set for a May 2024 release, promises to be a raw, unfiltered blast of screamo spirit and hardcore tenacity. This is music with a message, fighting the good fight against fascism, sexism, and homophobia. ZERUM stands as a testament to those who keep their heads and fists raised, a nod to solidarity in a world that tries to stamp it out. And if you’re into metallic crust, slow d-beat or the raw, screamo soul that France has been known for, this is your clarion call.

The (((((OPENmind/SATURATEDbrain))))) Podcast just dropped its latest episode, PODCAST #147 Dave Cullen (Best of 2023), and it’s a deep dive into the past year’s scream, skramz, and post-hardcore gems.

The Daves of Zegema Beach Records, Dave Norman (dry Dave) and Dave Cullen (wet Dave), serve up a hefty recap, covering around 50 standout releases from 2023 and even peeking into what 2024 has in store.

This episode is a journey through the nuanced landscape of modern hardcore, discussing the intersections of sass and whine, the art of unconventional guitar play, and even the correct way to pronounce Saskatchewan.

They delve into what it means to carry the screamo torch today, touching on topics like transcending grindcore norms, the impact of screaming obscenities in the most unexpected places, and setting new standards for emo-violence.

With a spotlight on bands like Âme Morte, Lucidity, No Heirloom, Olth, Slow Pulp, Telos, and Vibora, the podcast paints a vivid picture of the scene’s current state and its evolving soundscapes. From discussions on ethereal airy female vocals to CanaDave’s List of Softer Stuff, and the quest for the perfect set to a tiny crowd on a Tuesday, this episode is a treasure trove for anyone invested in the future of hardcore. Check it out for a comprehensive look at the torchbearers of modern skramz and post-hardcore, brought to you by voices deeply embedded in the scene.

Straight from the heart of Milwaukee, screamo outfit SNAG has unleashed their raw, live album experience with “Curses.”

This record captures the intensity of their performances, delivering a visceral punch that reflects their deep-seated concerns for environmental and social issues. Channeling the spirit of crisis and the anxiety of a generation, Snag’s sound echoes the turmoil of living in a world often indifferent to its own future.

Their album packaging isn’t just an artistic statement; it’s a toolkit for activism, complete with pollinator seeds and a zine to spark both thought and action.

Zegema Beach Records is set to amp up March with a trio of releases that are bound to stir the screamo scene. Business as usual.

First up, on March 11th, we’ve got PETTERSSON’s “Ashen Plain” 12″. It’s been a long, silent eight years since this Austrian screamo outfit blessed us with an album, but the wait ends now. Fans who vibe with the sounds of Suis La Lune, Via Fondo, Trachimbrod, and Vi Som Älskade Varandra Så Mycket are in for a treat. Expect deep, melodic screamo enveloped in the densest atmospheres, pressed on 300 red w/black swirl vinyls. A true collector’s gem.

The momentum continues on March 18th with WIDOWDUSK’s self-titled release, available on cassette and 12″LP. The digital sneak peek dropped a couple of months back, showcasing a darker, faster, and heavier evolution of these California screamers. Talent bursting from the seams, WIDOWDUSK brings a fresh, scream-filled breath to the scene. Cassettes hit the shelves in May, with 12″ versions following in the mid to late summer. Keep those ears on high alert.

Rounding out the month on March 25th, BURIAL ETIQUETTE’s “Mise-en-scène” 12″LP emerges from Thunder Bay, Ontario. After a long journey filled with splits, EPs, and compilation tracks, their debut LP is finally upon us. This release is an ethereal blend of screaming and singing, straddling the lines between emo and screamo. It’s gorgeous, cathartic, and downright astonishing, pressed on 200 copies split between 100 cornetto and 100 quad versions. March is looking loud, thanks to Zegema Beach Records.

Unfortunately, this marks our last weekly roundup. Due to the significant time investment required, IDIOTEQ is shifting back to our core mode of publishing unique and in-depth articles/features that delve deeper into the selected creations, releases, and crafts of artists from various styles, areas, and nooks of the artistic world.

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