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Punk rockers TELEHON are back; new video and more songs streaming!

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Whelp! Take This To Heart Records is proud to announce that TELEHON is back with their new LP “Swim Out Past The Breakers“, which drops August 20th on 12″/CD/Digital. You can stream two new songs off their album in “Checker Drive” & “Positively Clark Street”.

FFO: Jeff Rosenstock, The Hold Steady

“There is no succinct way for me to describe the kind of magic that Telethon brings to the table. This Wisconsin five-piece channels a kind of controlled chaos that is akin to the sounds of childhood in the early aughts, making it pointless to even ascribe a genre to their style of music”- Substream Magazine

“It’s quirky, indie rock-friendly pop punk that can recall anything from Motion City Soundtrack to Say Anything to the aforementioned Jeff Rosenstock, and like those artists, it’s deliberately genre-defying. It can touch on anything from punk to sax-fueled Springsteeny heartland rock to classic rock guitar heroism to piano balladry to ska to Beach Boys-y pop”- Brooklyn Vegan


All well aware of the effort it takes to correct a rash decision;
to correct a really bad mistake.
The point I am trying to make
is one you’re gonna have to sever
from experiences had of late.
If we’re being frank, I’m involved half the time,
indirectly there in the other.
Day-to-day that is so interwined,
only makes sense that it’d rip apart.

But still, everytime I see you cryin’,
I can’t help but feel like dyin’.
Sounds rote, sounds suspect, I know.
I’m surprising myself by saying
everytime we’re passing by
that shiny phosphorescent sign,
it looks a lot like paradise.
I’d like that for my own and our own.
What say ya? Would you say yeah?

So, fuck those friends that we were
hangin’ round with last night.
Nevermind ‘em, buddy, nevermind ‘em. Nevermind.
Pack our possessions in a van and start a new life.
We can get it right on Checker Drive, on Checker Drive.
We can get it right on Checker Drive, on Checker Drive.

Rotary mower versus one with a reel.
One of three Home Depots by the house
waiting for my guts to spill
to some poor unwitting cashier
or customer service associate
who takes for granted how the will
takes hold in remarkable ways.
Confusing, hazy, wide tunnel vision.
Raw nerve pinched. I’m buying a rake.
They found a brain-eating amoeba in the manmade lake.

Everytime I’m stagnant or stalling,
I get panicky and I solve it.
When, by proxy, you go with me, hope it goes alright.
And hope you say yeah. What say ya?
Hope you say yeah.

All these ideas we were floating ‘round here last night.
I kinda like ‘em and I think you also kinda like ‘em.
Settling down don’t mean we’re starting up the back nine.
Gotta get it right on Checker Drive, on Checker Drive.
We gotta get it right on Checker Drive, on Checker Drive.

Don’t intend to pry but aren’t you wondering why
the decade passed us by?
In a drone flown ‘bove the plot, we’d spot the warning signs.
The circles in the crops check all the boxes.
Take the talk offline. Neighbors that we spy on.
Say goodbye.

So, fuck the hesitations keeping us up last night.
Nevermind ‘em, buddy, nevermind ‘em. Nevermind.
As if we’re capable of setting down a lifestyle.

I think we’ll get it right on Checker Drive, on Checker Drive.
We’re gonna get it right on Checker Drive, on Checker Drive.
I think we’ll get it right on Checker Drive, on Checker Drive.

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