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Pure Noise Records sign KNOCKED LOOSE

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Indie punk / hardcore / rock label Pure Noise Records has inked a deal with Kentucky’s KNOCKED LOOSE! The band will release their debut LP later this year. Check out their acclaimed 2014 EP “Pop Culture” and some additionad media below and tell us what you think about this specific blend of dark metal riffage, breakdowns, nu metallic twists and heavy hardcore hooks.

Photo by Evan Dell Photography.

 Instrumentally, this release comes in strong with some very heavy, metallic hardcore guitar riffs and leads. But what REALLY hit me on the instrumental aspect of this record is the really awesome bass tone. It most certainly adds to the tenacity and aggressiveness of the music, and leads for some really aggressive, mosh worthy breakdowns. And I mean the type of breakdowns that you see people crowdkill to. A lot of other elements that are typical of the genre, such as using feedback intros are also prevalent in this record as well. The drums give great motion and feel to the record, and are well put together in the scope of the songs themselves. / Patrician Music Reviews

Sporting heavy, driven riffs coupled with lyrics ranging from atheism to violently suppressing personal insecurities, Knocked Loose is the new age of hardcore. And you know what, it’s f-cking great. Even in my early mid-life, when a night spent reading and browsing animal videos on YouTube with a pint of whiskey sounds like a good time, an album like ‘Pop Culture’ can bring right back all my feelings of ambition, drive and most importantly hunger for a freer and brighter future.

These kids are hungry, and if you give them a listen, you will be too. This is hardcore. / SputnikMusic


Where “D.T.A.H” is the most similar to their previous releases, and arguably the most straightforward display of devilish destruction, “Burnt Toast” and “Damned Earth” sees the quartet exploring a broader range of their influences, incorporating atmosphere and arid, dry anger into their awesome arsenal of aggressive heavy hardcore. Knocked Loose’s willingness to diversify and adapt while maintaining their commitment of crushing brutality to the listener makes this trio of songs not just memorable, but magnificent in their own right. / New Transcendence

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