QUICKSAND to make a new album?

In anticipation of their long-awaited reunion tour, which begins next week, a QUICKSAND fan just recently created a petition for a new album, which will be their first since 1995’s “Manic Compression”.

The “fan” appears to be anxious about QUICKSAND‘s future and wants them to make a new album for the fans, explaining:

This petition is for those who want new material from Quicksand. The band is getting back together for a U.S. tour in January, and I, a fan of Quicksand, have been wondering what will be next for the band. The goal is to get as many members to this petition as possible in order to get Walter Schreifels and company to listen to what we have to say. It’s been almost 18 years since the last time Quicksand released something new, these guys should release a new record. Maybe they should revisit and re-record the stuff they recorded for that unreleased album they did back in 1998 and put it on a new record, similar to what Van Halen did with “A Different Kind of Truth” or Guns N’ Roses with “Chinese Democracy”. I’ve been waiting for Quicksand to come back and make a new album for a long time and I hope my dreams will finally be fulfilled.

If you agree that there should a new QUICKSAND album, even though this might not happen, you can sign the petition here.

QUICKSAND did try to make a new album approximately 15 years ago, when they first reunited, but due to tensions between its bandmates, that attempt was abandoned and they eventually broke up again.

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