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RAISED FIST release another new video for the song “Venomous”

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Anthems, the seventh full-length by Swedish hardcore band RAISED FIST, is finally out via Epitaph Records, and to celebrate, the band shared the new video for the song “Ven0mous”!

There’s no mucking about from Raised Fist frontman Alexander ‘Alle’ Hagman when he’s asked for his feelings on the band’s new studio album. Produced by Roberto Laghi & Jakob Herrmann at Top Floor Studios in Gothenburg and Oral Majority Recordings, the songs on the Swedish quintet’s seventh album are delivered with a searing urgency and intent.

“We have worked much harder on this album than ever before. By a large margin. Drums and vocals have, for the first time in our career, been given exactly the space and time needed to get to the same level as the music and melodies,” Hagman says. “Right at this time, we’re actually producing something that has a new sound.”

Raised Fist wanted to focus their efforts on just ten tracks to keep the album short and sweet and the intention clear. Hagman explains,

“After our inventory of the material, we quickly found that we had rough foundations for ten songs. We made the decision right there and then, that this particular album would build on these ten foundations and them alone. If a song suddenly appeared later in the writing process, and sounded damn good, it would still have to knock another song off the album, not be added to the album. We’ve never done anything like this before and the quality is a big step-up from the things we’ve made in the past.”

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