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RAM ONES from Cleveland unleash their new brand of hardcore with “Real Tree Camo”

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As a lover of hardcore music, I enjoy giving new bands a chance at a good listen. And I was pleased to come across this hardcore band out of Cleveland, Ohio called RAM ONES. Not quite the Ramones, but enjoyable, nevertheless. They open this new effort, Real Tree Camo, with the track, Lie, Cheat, Steal. A powerful, fast drumbeats starts off the song before the vocals, guitar and the rest kick in.  I was impressed with the singer’s vocal style, which was chaotic, yet melodic at the same time.  The next song, R.I.P. This Joint, is another fast song with a vocal style that is offbeat and crazy, but distinct and audible as well.

The third track, The Reason, showcases the bassist’s talents with the opening riff which then, in turn, leads into the craziest breakdown on this record which gradually slows down and gains heaviness along the way. In the Flesh, starts with a hilarious spoken word in the beginning before the gang vocals immediately come in and the guitar and drums fortify you with heavy riffs and blast beats.

The next two songs, Scab City and Burn the Trash, continue the upward trend of giving you all the breakdowns, riffs and blast beats you crave without going too overboard with the “Chaos” in the music. Lead Life Vest is a quick, 1-minute song about…. I mean, do I really need to tell you what it’s about? And the following track, Beneath the Lows, is yet another dynamic, yet dark song about finding new bottoms.

A continuing trend that you will see prevalent throughout the recording is fully showcased within the next track, Thanks, we’re Ram Ones. I do not want to spoil the fun, so you should listen yourself to see what’s going on. The final track, The Beast Between Us, sticks to the same formula and delivers power and melody simultaneously, and surprised me with an excellent breakdown in vein of the band, SHAI HULUD.

All in all, this was interesting record. It kept me interested and entertained while delivering me the hardcore music as well. Check them out on Bandcamp, as well as their Facebook page for more info and future events.


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