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RAMALLAH / SINNERS & SAINTS split coming soon!

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The split will feature 3 songs from each band and will be followed by a new full length from RAMALLAH! See the full statement from the band’s frontman “White Trash” Rob Lind below.


Guess what I’ve been up to for the last couple of hours. Go on, guess…

“Doing drugs” I hear some of you say. A damn good guess and, prior to my self-imposed exile of the last few years, the most statistically likely for any serious gamblers and oddsmakers. But for better and for worse, I don’t indulge anymore (for the last 6 or 7 years my lifestyle has been so temperate and sober that I could almost rock the triple Xs of The ‘Edge… except I just can’t seem to quit smoking).

“Masturbating feverishly to strange, niche-market fetishistic pornography” say some of you. Another reasonable guess and again, from the age of about 12 until my late 20’s at least, not too unlikely a scenario. Sadly a lifetime of excess has blunted my parasympathetic nervous system and limited such sweaty pursuits to a bi-monthly event at best.

“Fashioning a noose and checking the load-bearing capacity of overhanging pipes in the basement” I hear others say. This is a particularly shrewd guess considering that the annual emotional pestilence and psychological wound-salting orgy known as the “holiday season” is upon us. But for the past few years I’ve been able to mostly tune out the shrill, antagonistic onslaught of good cheer successfully.

“Why would I give a fuck what you’ve been doing for the last few hours?” is what most of you are probably actually saying to yourselves. Of all possible responses, this is probably the most sane and incisive and I salute you for your good sense. Regardless I will tell you anyway…

I spent the last couple of hours typing up lyrics and liner notes for the new, soon-to-be-available limited-edition Ramallah and Sinners & Saints vinyl. I’ve mentioned this new material many times over the past year or two and it’s finally coming out soon.

Once again: a new Ramallah EP and a new Sinners & Saints EP will be available soon on limited-edition vinyl. There will be limited amounts of odd-ball colors, hand-numbered-and-signed available and all that good stuff.

It’s been a long and difficult time making this happen. I’ve had fucking ALBUMS worth of material written for years with more coming everyday. But it’s all been held up by these EPs. After these EPs are finally released and no longer cluttering up the deck, a new Ramallah full-length will follow. And as some of you know, I’ve also been yapping about putting out a collection of writing (a book of some sort) for the last year or two. The book will come out at the same time as the Ramallah full-length.

So here it is in a nutshell…

The new Ramallah and Sinners & Saints EPs will available on limited vinyl soon.

After the EPs are released, a new Ramallah full-length and a book will come next.

I will have more details in the next couple of weeks.

To those of you so inclined, I wish you a happy thanksgiving. To those of you who find the holidays an implacable and merciless reminder of loss and better days (or even of days-that-never-were), to those of you whose loneliness and isolation is sharpened by all the images of happy families and loving relationships, to those whose inner darkness and agony is brought into stark relief and then mocked by all the strident good cheer and merry bullshit… all I can say is that I understand. I been there. Believe it.

Hang in there and keep the gun outta your mouth. It’ll all be past in a couple of weeks. And as long as there is life, there is hope for better days… even if you haven’t seen any concrete evidence thus far.

Love and light and all that happy horseshit,
Rob From Nod

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