Bayway by William Marks
Bayway by William Marks

Rap hardcore pack BAYWAY NJBayway Unveils New Album “World Of Bayway II” on DAZE and RTF Records

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The rap-infused hardcore sensation from New Jersey, Bayway NJ, has just dropped their latest album “World Of Bayway II“, courtesy of DAZE and RTF Records. This twelve-track LP delivers a powerful blend of raw aggression and iconic skits, capturing the essence of hardcore music.

The album not only introduces four fresh tracks but also includes two songs from their previously released “The Newport Sessions” and the complete “World Of Bayway” from 2022.

Taking inspiration from renowned acts such as E Town Concrete and Fury Of Five, Bayway had the privilege to collaborate with both.

Rap-infused hardcore band Bayway

Notable tracks include “Stretchin Tha Truth”, graced by Ant Money’s vocals, and “God Forgive Me”, featuring the talented Stikman.

The album stands out with its rapid, rugged tunes, and lyrics that delve deep into life’s challenges.

Bayway by William Marks
Bayway by William Marks

A noteworthy mention is that the entire production, from mixing to mastering, was undertaken by the band at The Soap Factory, owned by their lead vocalist, Jay Way.

Catch Bayway’s electrifying performance on 10/30 in Philadelphia, PA at Bonk’s Bar. Don’t miss out!

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