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Raw groovy hardcore punks from WARRIOR TRIBES streamig new tape recording

Almost a year after their initial presentation on IDIOTEQ, Chicago raw hardcore punk rockers from WARRIOR TRIBES are back with a new release, a cassette tape with outtakes from their 2016 7″ EP on the A-side and four new demos on the B-side, including a cover of “Mob Clash” from THE EFFIGIES. The 7″ is now available via Dead Beat Records and the new collection of tracks is streaming right here! There’s no extra flash here, just a wildely crafted batch of ripping punk tracks. Unless your rebel soul never had to grow up, it will resonate.

Fast hardcore in the style of bands like SICKOIDS but taking a ride through the influences of STATE and NEGATIVE APPROACH while staying true to their Chicago school with the grit of that city in the mix – Artcore #32

Ugly hardcore with a groove – Maximum Rocknroll #374

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