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React! Records launches orders for TRUE LOVE and SUSPECTS

Yeah! React! Records is back with more records filled with passionate music, ultra fast riffs, inspiring lyrical ideas and a lot more! Check out the official press release and watch a new SUSPECT video for the track “Search for Peace” from their new record. Both bands are possessed of an insane energy and tight sound you’ll simply love. Go!



We’re REALLY excited to launch pre-order for both of these raging records. We dropped them at midday yesterday and the response has been incredible (the most limited True Love colored vinyl sold out in about 20 minutes!). So if you feel so inclined, click over to and grab a copy, or two, or three and maybe a t-shirt while you’re at it.

RXR-044: SUSPECT – s/t 12″ EP

Suspect is members of Tear it Up, Deep Sleep, Find Him and Kill Him, and Stay Gold playing hardcore.  10 songs, recorded by Dan Maier.  Taking the overt Midwest HC influences on the demo from 2011 and adding elements of classic Southern California hardcore such as Uniform Choice, Suspect has produced a true hardcore ripper.  Hardcore rules.  Stay punk.

Suspect – VINYL Pre-Order

RXR-045: TRUE LOVE “New Young Gods” 12″ EP

Building on the sound and style of their incredible demo, NEW YOUNG GODS is a fast, thrashy and intense hardcore record that brings to mind turn-of-the-millennium hardcore bands like Carry On, Count Me Out and American Nightmare. Feeling right at home on REACT! Records, True Love is poised to carry the torch of sincere, passionate and raging straight edge hardcore for the next generation. New Young Gods was recorded by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recordings in Chicago.

New Young Gods – VINYL Pre-Order

New Young Gods – DIGITAL Pre-Order

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