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Reaction fanzine releases special #10 issue for this year’s Fluff Fest

REACTION fanzine 10
Budapest, Hungary’s Reaction fanzine is celebrating its 10th anniversary with a new issue that comes out at this year’s Fluff Fest! You can pick up a copy at the fest or order it via [email protected]. The new issue contains 52 A4 pages and features interviews with Daniel Fang (TURNSTILE, ANGEL DU$T, PRAISE), FURY, RED DONS, SPIRIT CRUSHER, BLUESBREAKER, and BECOME AS ONE, as well as photographer Call Me Killer. It serves as a fine testament to the power of creative collaboration in modern hardcore scene, so please be sure to give it a read.

The authors commented:

Where to start? Look at that huge X! This is the tenth issue of Reaction fanzine. The great occasion might require some reminiscence. The first issue came out in May 2006, more than 10 years ago. Our second and third outputs were professionally printed and both over 100 pages. We were extremely proud of those. What we put out then couldn’t be compared to any other Hungarian hardcore fanzines before and ever since. And we sold out 300 copies of both. We had a great team, a lot of people helped us and those were great times in general. By the time the fifth issue came out, the team had shrank and changed and we called it a day.

After five and a half years of silence we made the decision to bring Reaction back to life. What we’ve released from issue 7 onward is what we’re satisfied with the most. Most of these are still available.

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