REALITY CHECK’s “The World On My Shoulders” available today!

As teased many times, Poland’s REALITY CHECK are releasing their new EP today! They started in late 2010 to have a debut demo tape „No Love For The Underdogs“ (022 Recs) out few months later. Different generations of hardcore met in the band and these dudes did their homework like they should and proved like many others before that you can never go wrong with NYC influenced hardcore. They haven’t been around too long but did get the most of their time – played many intense gigs all over the place where kids recognize them real and went wild. Not only they hit every corner of Poland but also did couple of European tours. There is only one thing missing in a perfect picture of the hardcore band – a 7“. Elephant Skin and Last Warning are teaming up again to make REALITY CHECK’s debut 7“ real and it’s called „The World On My Shoulders”.

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