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Recall: CONVERGE – Long Road Home DVD (2003)

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CONVERGE – “The Long Road Home'” is the first official DVD release from the band. It’s a collection that is as energetic and exciting as the moments the release captures. No frills, or crap, just a massive collection of fan footage from the bands decade long reign as kings of their genre.

Check out the track listing and watch all the videos below:

The Saddest Day (High Roller Studios Video)
Conduit (Providence RI 2000)
Fact Leaves Its Ghost (Worcester MA 1999)
Intro / Color Me Blood Red (Northampton MA 1997)
Forsaken (Middlesex NJ 1997)
Two Day Romance (Clinton MA 1998)
Intro / Benchwarmer (Lawrence MA 1994)
Blind (Worcester MA 1994)
When Forever Comes Crashing (New Brunswick NJ 1998)
Farewell Note To This City (Worcester MA 1998)
Color Me Blood Red (New Brunswick NJ 1998)
The High Cost Of Playing God / For You (Worcester MA 1998)
This Is Mine (Boston MA 1999)
Forsaken (Montreal Quebec 1999)
Color Me Blood Red / French Interview Edit (Leon France 1999)
My Unsaid Everything (Montreal Quebec 1999)
Dead (Boston MA 1999)
Love As Arson (Cleveland OH 2000)
Locust Reign (Kansas City MO 2000)
The Broken Vow / Bitter And Then Some (South Amboy NJ 2001)
Concubine / Fault And Fracture (New York City 2001)


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