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Recall: JIMMY EAT WORLD – “Believe In What You Want” documentary

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JIMMY EAT WORLD‘s “Believe In What You Want” DVD, released in 2004, is a documentary movie about making of the band’s “Bleed American”.

The DVD is also a video of a concert recorded live at the 9:30 club in Washington, D.C. in 2002.

Track listing
“A Praise Chorus” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“Bleed American” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“If You Don’t, Don’t” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“Just Watch the Fireworks” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“For Me This Is Heaven” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“Authority Song” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“No Sensitivity” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“Get It Faster” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“Goodbye Sky Harbor” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“Blister” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“The Middle” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“Sweetness” (Live from 9.30 Club)
“Hear You Me” (Inner Ear Session Acoustic)
“My Sundown” (Inner Ear Session Acoustic)
Believe in What You Want (documentary)
In-studio retrospective (interviews)

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