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Recall: JUDGE live in Trenton, NJ, 1990

“Judge was set apart from the other youth crew bands of the time, basically because we were, well, ‘darker’ I guess is a good word. The dark side of the force. The music wasn’t ‘paint by the numbers’ thrash, it was heavy and brutal. The lyrics also weren’t the typical messages of idealized hope popular at the time: they were brooding and angry, fueled by a sense of frustration and anguish.” – Porcell, some lines from the line notes from the discography.

Double Cross Zine commented on the video:

Judge firing on all cylinders, crushing heaviness to a completely packed room, it doesn’t get much better. Although stage diving was still banned at City Gardens, at that point, the energy flowed though that crowd like a high tension wire. Such a great show, one of my personal favorites from the years I went to shows there.

JUDGE! band

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