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Recall: KENZARI’S MIDDLE KATA – “Copper And Its Middle Youth” video

We missed it somehow, but KENZARI’S MIDDLE KATA released their “Copper And Its Middle Youth” video back in September. The track comes from the band’s “Body Vs. Function” album, released by Bluenoise Records back in 2010.

Four guys from bavaria avail oneself of the opportunity to answer questions such as those. eventually their songs will face everyone listening (and reading) with poetry about such questions. but there’s also kind of answers in their lyrics.

Kenzari’s Middle Kata obey the voice of heart, singing about the death of art, the end of the digital era and the impossibility of following self-proclaimed authorities.

it’s not just that they sing! it’s more like a choir of bulldozers, not literally, that pushes attentive listeners forward with noisy and shredding riffs, terrific grooving drums and infuriated vocals. at some point this variety of styles from hardcore, post-hardcore, noise, screamo and groove merged with all their truthfully written words promptes the listener to move feet, scream along, dance and nt least to think about this or that. ads
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