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Recall: The Edge Perspectives On Drug Free Culture DVD (2010)

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The Edge Perspectives On Drug Free Culture DVD is the first ever documentary on the Straight Edge movement, starring Ian MacKaye (MINOR THREAT, FUGAZI), Ray Cappo (YOUTH OF TODAY, SHELTER), Karl Buechner (EARTH CRISIS, PATH OF RESISTANCE), Eva “Genie” Hall (GATHER), & interviews w/members of AFI, GLASSJAW, MOST PRECIOUS BLOOD, CHAMPION, HIMSA, BLEEDING THROUGH, MOTIONLESS IN WHITE, NEW FOUND GLORY, many more. “EDGE” takes a close look at the history of Straight Edge & the motivations of its adherents, tracking a unique movement that has grown & morphed over nearly 30 years yet still challenges mainstream values & mainstream notions of rebellion.

Oh, and I love the HAVE HEART live video featured in this movie. Check out the second video below. Mind-blowing!

edge the movie

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