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Recall: This Aint Your Moms Hardcore Vol. 2 DVD (2007)

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This Ain’t Your Mom’s Hardcore Vol. 2 DVD was released by Full Lock Media back in 2007. It features a bunch of live performances by metalcore and post hardcore bands listed below:

1 Intro -Intro
2 August Burns Red -Endoprhins (Live)
3 As Cities Burn -One: TwentySeven (Live)
4 Heavy Heavy Low Low -Eating The Porridge (Live)
5 Secret Lives Of The Freemasons -Make Like A Door And Shut Up (Live)
6 Chariot -Die Interviewer (Live)
7 Scarlet -(Interview)
8 Scarlet -The Seperation Of (Live)
9 Chasing Victory -Unrequited Love (Live)
10 Number Twelve Looks Like You -Like A Cat (Live)
11 Showbread -Dead By Dawn (Live)
12 Misery Signals -(Interview)
13 Misery Signals -The Stinging Rain (Live)
14 Becoming The Archetype -The Elegy (Live)
15 Classic Case -Hospitalized (Live)
16 Thumbscrew -Fighting Wonders (Live)
17 Twelve Gauge Valentine -Ball And Chain (Music Video)
18 As Cities Burn -Admission:Regret (Live)
19 Grace Gale -I Dont Know How To Put This, But I’m Kind Of A Big Deal (Live)
20 Bury Your Dead -(Interview)
21 Destroy The Runner -The Aleph (Live)
22 Remembering Never -Slaughterhouse Blues (Live)
23 Remembering Never -For The Love Of Fiction (Live)
24 Misery Signals -The Failsafe (Live)
25 Drop Dead Gorgeous -(Interview)
26 Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster -Caution: Dangerous Curves Ahead (Live)
27 Secret Lives Of The Freemasons -Mascara (Live)
28 August Burns Red -Speech Impediment (Live)
29 Ligeia -Judas Complex (Live)
30 Thumbscrew -The Making Of The Thumbscrew Video
31 Thumbscrew -AIM Plays a Big Role In Her Life
32 Haste The Day -Blue 42 (Live)
33 Scarlet -The Joy Decoys Are Coming (Live)
34 Scarlet -Revolver (Live)
35 As Cities Burn -Love Jealous One, Love (Live)
36 Misery Signals -Five Years (Live)
37 Credits -Credits

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