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RENOUNCED announced new CD reissue on Mark My Words Records!

6 months after the release of their stunning 2016 record Theories of Despair, available (Carry The Weight Records / Good Life Recordings), UK metallic hardcore / 90s metalcore act RENOUNCED is back with a nice re-issue of their 2013 EP Conditioned From Birth! The record will contain one additional track called “Love & Depression”, coming from their split with SENTENCED TO BURN on Harm Reduction Records. Grab your copy via Mark My Words Records HERE and check out all the tunes below!


Wash away the dirt from my hands, for I have suffered for to long. Purify me, burn this evil from my mind. Images of you turn to ashes, as I grow older. My love for others fades as the world chokes. I can feel her dying. I’m helpless. I don’t wish for angels to pick me up of my knees I just pray for freedom from my demons. Suffocating in my thoughts. The battle between love and depression has been lost countless times. This modern life is suicide. As the rain falls. Drowning me.

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