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Classic punk rock act SPIDER returns; streaming debut album

Long Beach, California’s SPIDER and their debut full length “Youth Insurance” (2001) fit the definition of classic punk, but half of their soul is just pure rock and roll. The record doesn’t sound like it was designed to question ideas of what punk should or could mean, but it surely flirts with the old wrapped in a dynamic, snaky modern package, marrying all kinds of punk rock and hardcore styles. Now, the funny fact is that the record was originally released in 2001 and these guys have just regrouped to arrange some vital live shows and plot a new EP. Even at 16 years of age, their original offering still feels thoroughly fresh, and it’s amazing the SPIDER is more than comfortable with venturing into new uncharted territories this year.

Classic, nascent, existential punk replete with raw guitars, lo-fi bile simmer-before-the-explosion vocals and a rhythm section delivered with the velocity and energy of a full throttle jackhammer.

SPIDER delivers primal emotion tapping into punk’s original spirit and conviction. The songs are snapshots of life that cover everything from the bitter sweetness of wisdom gained, control lost, self-reflection and humor.

For fans of music that’s occasionally dark, sometimes sleezy, sometimes angry, sometimes humorous and sometimes all of the above.

Photo by Jason Cook


“A slight hint of the sleazier, faster side of The Stooges as heard on Raw Power lend considerable fuel to Spider’s musical drive.” – MODERN FIX MAGAZINE

“It is a solid punk record… It is nice to see band’s getting back to the original punk sound of the Dammed, Iggy and The Stooges and The Clash because the pop punk scene has truly run its course.” SKRATCH MAGAZINE

“The lyrics are a mix of dark metaphors, similes, and just straight-up talkin trash. Driving bass, killer guitar chord work and leads pack the power punch…high energy” – REAL SKATE

“One of Long Beach’s best punk bands. The most aggressive mic sound from the region heard in some time… other bands are nowhere near the richter scale that Spider hits. Solid, powerful. Sing along with a fist in the air. Straight up punk rock. ” ALIVE AND KICKING

“Spider performed with power and conviction. Raw and ferocious..” FLIPSIDE MAGAZINE


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