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Review: ANTHEMS’ Heartfelt Metalcore Offering “Consciousness”

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“Consciousness,” the first full-length studio album by metalcore act from Prague, ANTHEMS, has invoked multitudes of emotion through my ears, to my heart, and back again. Despite the overproduction and the always-hated clean vocals, this record turns out to be more passionate and sincere than I could have imagined.

Closely contained by singles “Your World” and “Storms”, “Consciousness” packs quite a number of tasty tunes. From the start of “Your World,” the screams are more hardcore, the guitar meatier, the wall of sound thicker. This continues throughout the beginning of the album, before changing into the more positive, happy style of “Warned by a Ghost,” while rising to a third high point in the sin-splitting, perspective-flipping metal anthem “Visions.”

People will always be picky with their clean vocals and I can understand that, but sit down and not only hear, but feel the music running through you. In addition to the great message this album holds, it is really heartfelt, and I can never get enough heartfelt music. These guys have plenty of talent, and even with the problems of overproduction, this album will really speak to a lot of people, because it’s a trip that may heal your heart.

Consciousness” is available now via Bandcamp.

“YOUR WORLD” music video:

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