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Warsaw metallic hardcore pack EMBITTER comment on their debut EP

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Against environmental degradation, exploitation, animal cruelty, and abuse against others – new Polish metallic hardcore band EMBITTER featuring (ex-)members of INCITEMENT, OUTBOUND, STREET LIGHTS, and HEATSEEKER, have recently dropped their debut EP called Season Of Solitude on Bound By Modern Age Records, and we’ve teamed up to get some more details on the content behind each and every track.

Drawing from the ever-strong 90s metallic hardcore scene and bands like SUNRISE, MORNING AGAIN, CONGRESS, UNBROKEN and INTEGRITY, EMBITTER succeeds in finding the strength in nodding to their inspirators. Sure it could stand to take a few more risks, but for now that is something we can look forward in their future. Check out the full record along with the band’s track by track commentary below and head over here to get ssome cool merch.



Sometimes you get an impression that whatever you do it just can’t fall into its place. You get frustrated and feel an urge for a change. It’s always some kind of a process. You need to understand where it comes from and what makes you feel this way. On one hand this rain just spoils what you have planned but on the other hand, it is a feeling of catharsis. Every end is a new beginning.


Rain on my parade. Misery is my only friend. Farewell seems a perfect word. Say goodbye to this world. When it rains, it fuckin’ pours. Face illusions of reclusion. Desperate times of abuse. I wish I could break free. Break free. Rain on my parade. Save yourself. You wish you could save yourself. Let this rain wash away all the fears. It can’t be farewell even when in tears.


Are we destined to fall? Is humanity heading nowhere? Are we the curse of this world turning beautiful nature into dust? Slaughtering animals, poisoning the rivers and deforestation – is it going to be our legacy? This is what is going to be left when we are gone. Think again. Is this what you really want?


Turning dust to dust. Searching for a light. I am falling apart. Is this my destiny? Dust to dust. Falling apart. When the smoke clears. Tighten the noose. Bury my guilt in a sea of shame. When the smoke clears. Tighten the noose around your neck. I am your farewell. Turning dust to dust. I am falling apart.


We all go through tough moments. You can hit me or make me bleed. You can use violence to humiliate me. Strange as it may seem, words may have an even bigger impact than scars and wounds. Words can be like knives which cause much more damage than you could have expected. If you compare how many people right now suffer from insecurities resulting in suicide attempts this should be seriously taken into consideration. This is a disease spreading around. Keep in mind that your actions have an influence on the others.


Rip my heart. I am the end. You are the fuckin’ end. Fade away. Heartbreaks and fights we used to have. I bleed out from every word you said. Days are like knives. Deaf to all cries. You are the end. I am the end. Fade away. End me now.


Embitter is a vegan/vegetarian band. We fully support the cruelty-free lifestyle. Meatless diet has always been a part of hardcore/punk scene. We consider it as a crucial part of the movement which makes it outstanding from other communities which rely only on consumption. If I can be the one who does not support the industry of killing then I am the first one to do so.


Grain of salt you have become. Human machine. Where are your doubts? Face reality. Can you see now? No more daydreaming. No more. Don’t turn your head. Feel pain. This is what you harvest. This is what you pay for. You pay for. No Surrender.

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