Last penance by kalopsiaonfilm
Last penance by kalopsiaonfilm
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REVIEW: Polish metalcore pack LAST PENANCE serves a solid punch with new self-titled debut record

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As an afficionado of heavy music, I am always looking to find new artists and new records. So, I had a request to review this record released in 2020. I have to say, I was impressed. To be honest, I haven’t been listening to metal as much lately, and hardcore and punk rock have been dominating my playlists of recent years and I needed to balance things out a bit.

LAST PENANCE kicked it off with a track entitled, TO UNEARTH, which is basically a synthesizer introduction to the record, immediately launching into the second track, INGRAINED. Starting with a good drumbeat and some nice use of synthesizers, the band launch into their trademark sound of eccentric guitars coupled with singer Michal Cieslak’s screamy vocal style. All elements of their melodic style blend quite well, making it an easy record to listen to.

Up next is the track, ON DISPLAY, which is basically a display of this band’s musicianship. A mid-paced metalcore song that showcases the band’s musicianship quite well. Their trademark sound of metal guitars and synth is perfect because some bands overuse it, but they just add it in here and there to add the edge without going overkill. Pretty much the same story with the next track called CAST A STONE. Another top track of the album that showcases the musicianship of guitarists, Piotr Siwicki and Stanislav Bozek who lead the band’s multidimensional sound.

The band picks up the pace a bit on the next track, VICIOUS. Fast guitar playing and furious drumming from Jerzy Skarzynski make this another standout track as well. The band then takes it back a notch with the slow instrumental, TO DISCARD to lighten up the mood for a quick bit before launching into GOLD FROM AFAR. This song reminds me of IT DIES TODAY who was popular in the mid-2000s and as well as a hint of TRIVIUM. Next up is REPENT.

A faster paced song that still sticks to the band’s formula. They continue their technical onslaught with the subsequent track, BESIDE ME. This track has some heavy bass chops courtesy of Konstanty Skarzynski to add to the alternating mix of heaviness and blissfulness. Finally, the band closes the record out with TO MOVE ON which is basically an outro featuring a mix of acoustic guitar, synth and a few sung notes fading out to the end.

Overall, I enjoyed this effort, and I appreciated the musicianship behind it as well. This band from Poland made a good metalcore record and it will now be added to my playlist.

Get the band’s merch HERE. Watch their recent TOUR DIARY HERE.

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