Rip It Up Zine comments on Grave Mistake Records

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RIP IT UP ZINE had some very nice things to say about Grave Mistake Records and a bunch of releases.

On reflection, few things in life are better than discovering a stash of startlingly fine punk rock. Like a naturalist moving a rock and seeing rare beetles scuttling for cover, the feeling of excitement when uncovering new bands is a great one. It competes with moments like sitting in a pub garden on a hot summer’s day with your buddies, the sun burning the top of your head, a dumb punk band t-shirt on your back, as froth runs down the side of a cold pint of German pilsner in front of you. Which is why I feel a similar excitement now. Tinged with a sense of schadenfreude, I have to admit, because while the rest of the UK suffers floods and Biblical downpours, the area I live in basks in glorious, warm sunshine.

Y’see, I’ve been rootin’ through the Bandcamp dispensary of Grave Mistake Records from Richmond, Virginia, US of A. I first picked up on them when I bought a couple of Night Birds releases a week or two ago. I decided to have another, more leisurely dig around the label’s website to find out more, and I have to say, a rich seam of punk was exposed to me, perhaps as a reward for my curiosity.

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Here’s a recent July update from the label:

UPDATE 07.05.2012

Hello all! Long time no talk! Been busy the past few weeks moving GMHQ into it’s new location, it’s been hectic but things have been falling into place. Thanks for everyone’s patience with mailorder and stuff during my move. This is a quick update for you on a couple of specials I’m currently running … expect a webstore update and some New Release updates within the coming weeks, but for now just two little bits of info I wanted to fill you in on!


Well the GRAVE MISTAKE RECORDS BANDCAMP PAGE has been up and running for little over a year! We are currently streaming 36 releases in full, with Download options as well. We’ve received so much positive support and feedback (as well as a few downloads, too) so we just wanted to do a little something to say “Thanks” to everyone who has listened to, shared, or downloaded from the Bandcamp page … I can’t tell you how much it means to not only myself and GM Employee #1 Ashley Sykes (who created the entire page), but all of the bands on the label, past and present.

If you enter the coupon code GMDIGITHNX when you place an Album or EP Download in your cart, the cost of the DL will be cut in half! This coupon can be applied to EVERY release on the Bandcamp page, and this coupon code will be valid through July 15th. Please use this as much as you’d like, and please help me spread the word!

7/4/12 SPECIAL – ANY 4 GRAVE MISTAKE 7″s FOR $12.00!

I realized I haven’t done a webstore special in a while, so I figured I’d use the good ol’ Fourth of July Holiday as an excuse to run one! This special is going to run through this weekend, and it gets you any 4 Grave Mistake 7″ Releases for only $12.00 (plus shipping)!! You can click HERE to check that out and see the list of titles to choose from (pretty much every GM 7″ still in print) … perfect opportunity to save a few bucks and grab any of those new releases you have yet to pick up, or any older titles that you were curious about or have yet to grab. All you need to do is put the special in your shopping cart, then list the four singles you’d like in the “comments” section of your order!

Finally – for all of you INTERNATIONAL customers; some of you might be aware of this, but the shipping option for a “Priority Flat Rate Envelope” is a great deal when you are ordering only 7″s … I can fit up to 15 x 7″ singles in one of these Envelopes for only $17 (and it’s even a little bit cheaper to Canada or Mexico) … so if you are looking to order a bunch of 7″s, get the best bang for your shipping bucks by filling up your cart with up to 15 EPs! Just be warned, you CANNOT use this shipping option if you are using LPs or Tshirts (or more than 15 x 7″s because there is a weight limit), it applies to 7″s only for the most part. Figured I’d share that little tip with all of my international friends in case you didn’t know! Feel free to email me if you have questions about it!

Thanks again for all of your support in 2012, this year has been awesome so far and there is still a lot more to come! Expect more updates very soon, and check out the NIGHT BIRDS WEST COAST TOUR later this month

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