RISE AFTER DEFEAT readying new release

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RISE AFTER DEFEAT are starting the pre-recordings for their new EP.

The band issued the following statement:

From January 2011 we have been doing just one thing…PLAYED OUR MUSIC AROUND. This allowed us to meet old and new friends from all parts of Europe, we have also lost some pieces along the way and lots of things have changed. Who needs to know, knows. Anyway, the only goal of this project called “RISE AFTER DEFEAT” has always been to run fast whitout stopping or looking back and we always tried to do our best. We always want to give a sound to our ideas and spread them in the best way as possible. 2012 seems to us a really positive year but it will be also full of sacrifices and hard commitments due to our true dedication and respect to the project. We are planning some cool shows in our land and starting the prerecordings of our next release. The official recordings of this new EP will start in early march 2012 with Alex at Hell Smell studio in Rome. Then between May and June there will be a two weeks tour in order to promote the new release all around Europe.
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