RITES OF FALL by Marcin Szpak
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RITES OF FALL unveils deep, endlessly intriguing soundscapes of “Void Instinct”

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Multidisciplinary experimentalist RITES OF FALL is a master of sonic ambience and his new collaborative work with sax player Rafał Wawszkiewicz of MERKABAH shines a brilliant light on a variety of incorporated styles and serves a promising teaser of RITES OF FALL’s new album “Towards The Blackest Skies”. Slated for an August 23rd release via new label Leidforschung Schallplatten, the record can be pre-ordered now via this location.

Listening to “Void Instinct” is to step into a wholly self-contained environment with its own unique feel, where small, subtle, exotic and eerie sounds can reveal spacious areas, resulting in a quality, cinamatic composition of remarkable depth.

The album reflects on undercurrents shaping the breakthroughs in human evolution. Musically “Towards the Blackest Skies” shifts between darker ambience, deep bass, washed-out echoes and noise – often juxtaposed with acoustic instruments.

Guest performance: Rafał Wawszkiewicz – sax / Additional recording: Tomasz Stołowski, Nebula Studio / Mastering: Rafael Anton Irisarri, Black Knoll Studio / Artwork: Kuba Sokólski

RITES OF FALL by Robert Urbaniak 2
Rafał Wawszkiewicz for RITES OF FALL, by Robert Urbaniak

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