The Arson Choir by Jamie Kaufman
The Arson Choir by Jamie Kaufman
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Metalcore Shorts of the week of February 19th

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Diving into the various shades of metalcore this week, we’re greeted with a slew of boundary-pushing releases. MASTIFF returns with their latest single “Void,” a brutal blend of metal and hardcore from their forthcoming album “Deprecipice.” On the international front, IMMINENCE from Sweden teases their album “The Black”. Meanwhile, South Carolina’s REVILER drops “Calloused to Devastation,” and GRADIENCE teams up with Cabal for a rap metalcore hit that’s as fierce as it gets. From more hardcore to more metal, this week’s portion of new releases does it!

DARKEST HOUR unleashes their latest album, “Perpetual | Terminal,” delivering a powerful blend of death metal exorcisms, thrash recklessness, hardcore punk attitude, and melodic catharsis.

With tracks like “Perpetual Terminal,” “Societal Bile,” and “Goddess of War, Give Me Something to Die For,” the Washington, D.C. quintet showcases their indomitable spirit and enduring passion for metal. Available in various formats including vinyl and CD, the album marks their tenth full-length release and debut on MNRK Heavy.

As vocalist Mike Schleibaum explains, the album explores the theme of “survival while embracing rebirth,” reflecting the band’s own journey of evolution and resilience.

CASSETTA, a hardcore group hailing from greater Los Angeles, is gearing up to release their latest single, “Give Them Nothing,” on February 23rd.

Featuring ex/current members of Suicide Silence, Scars of Tomorrow, and Pressure Cracks, the band delivers a relentless blend of hardcore and metal influences, promising an intense sonic experience. Produced and mixed by Jeff Dunne, known for his work with Knocked Loose and Veil Of Maya, the single embodies raw power and introspective lyrics delivered by vocalist Conor Eaton. Alongside the release, CASSETTA offers a limited edition cassette featuring previous hits, available via their Bandcamp store. Prepare for a sonic onslaught as CASSETTA takes the hardcore scene by storm.

MASTIFF, known for their intense blend of extreme metal, sludge, and hardcore, returns with their latest single “Void,” from the upcoming album “Deprecipice,” set to release on March 22nd.

The band’s commitment to blunt-force aggression remains untempered as they deliver a relentless sonic onslaught. Produced by longtime collaborator Joe Clayton, “Deprecipice” promises to be even more intense than their previous works.

The track “Void” serves as a thematic centerpiece, blending hardcore, punk, and metal influences. Guitarist/vocalist James Lee Ross describes it as having a ragged, punk sound evolving into a monstrous breakdown, with unsettling electronic noise adding a queasy vibe. The song became an outlet for Ross’s pain and grief following the passing of his mother, reflecting the overwhelming feeling of loss and emptiness.

GONEMAGE has just unveiled their latest release, “Spell Piercings,” a journey back to 1999 with a haunting tale of suburban surrealism.

Imagine opening an old toy box to find a purple clown doll that transforms the mundane into a dark and magical dungeon. The digital version is available now, with tapes set to be released on WereGnome Records in March and a self-released vinyl edition (marble white/purple) expected in May. Dive into the twisted world of “Spell Piercings” and let yourself be enchanted by Gonemage’s morbid sense of amusement.

REVILER, the South Carolina hardcore powerhouse, is back with a vengeance, unleashing their latest single “Calloused to Devastation” through UPSTATE RECORDS.

This fierce track encapsulates the band’s raw energy and heavy metallic hardcore essence, dropping on February 23, 2024, and available for streaming and download across all major digital platforms.

Rooted in the aggressive tones of bands like HATEBREED, EARTH CRISIS, and TURMOIL, “Calloused to Devastation” serves as a potent statement from REVILER, showcasing their commitment to crafting music that’s both brutally honest and unapologetically hard-hitting. The single, part of the build-up to their anticipated full-length release “Devastation” set for 2024, captures the band’s dynamic sound and relentless spirit.

GRADIENCE hits hard with ‘Blindsided feat. Cabal’, a rap metalcore sledgehammer that’s as subtle as a Mike Tyson punch-out.

The Danish duo, known for mashing up trap-rap with the darkest hues of metal, dropped this second single ahead of their debut EP ‘Ironsight’ landing May 17th. With a video directed by their own Jakob Harris, they’re setting off sirens.

Andreas Bjulver Paarup of Cabal fame brings his signature deathcore roar to the mix, making ‘Blindsided’ a full-throttle dive into nightmarish realms. GRADIENCE, comprising vocalist Gavin Mistry and visual maestro Jakob Harris, is no stranger to the scene. Gavin’s roots are in hip-hop; Jakob’s, in metal. Together, they’re a genre-defying storm, creating an EP that’s as personal as it is punishing.

‘Ironsight’ promises a journey through anger, aggression, and vulnerability, with lyrics that grapple with alienation and the immigrant experience.

WIDE SHUT, hailing from Toulouse, France, is set to unleash their debut full-length album, “Seeds Of Hatred,” on February 23, 2024, marking a significant leap from their 2019 EP “Expose.”

The hardcore/metal band promises a relentless auditory onslaught with this release, available for pre-order via 1054 Records.

THE RED CHORD, renowned for their groundbreaking debut album “Fused Together in Revolving Doors,” is set to release the album on vinyl for the first time in its 22-year history.

Featuring a new rendition of the original artwork by artist Mike Wohlberg, the vinyl reissue will be available from May 17th via various outlets.

To commemorate the occasion, the band will host two official release shows on June 1st and 2nd at Widowmaker Brewing in Braintree, MA, with support from Deadguy, Through the Eyes of the Dead, and others. Get your tickets here.

Known for their unique blend of extreme metal and hardcore, The Red Chord’s influence on the underground scene remains palpable, making this vinyl release a momentous event for fans and newcomers alike.

Silent Pendulum Records just dropped ARSONISTS GET ALL THE GIRLS’ album “Listen to the Color” on vinyl, and it’s up for grabs now.

Teaming up with Blastbeats Vinyl, EVIL GREED, and REVOLVER Magazine, they’re rolling out some sweet exclusives. If you’re into collecting, you’ve got options ranging from Wax Mage editions limited to 25, handmade batches of 50, to various pigmented editions limited to 100 each. And for the digital heads, the album has also hit Bandcamp, finally bringing this experimental grindcore / metalcore treasure to your fingertips.

This release marks a significant moment for AGATG, a band that’s been defying genres and expectations since 2005. From their debut “Hits From The Bow” to their relentless touring worldwide, they’ve carved out a niche that’s all their own. “Listen to the Color,” a 15-track blitz that revisits their thrashy, quirky roots, stands as a testament to their journey. With Zack Ohren at the helm and guest vocals that bridge their past and present, it’s a must-check for fans old and new. Grab your copy before they vanish!

Straight outta Jakarta, Indonesia, waduXwaduXwaduX drops a bombshell with their demo, courtesy of Slow Down Records.

This powerviolence powerhouse delivers a brutal, in-your-face experience with “demo,” featuring a guttural vocal onslaught that’ll plaster you to the wall. Joni Ciledug on the instruments and vocals, alongside AK9E’s bass and vocal contributions, tear through 10 tracks in a mere 5 minutes, showcasing the essence of raw, unfiltered aggression.

Released on February 20, 2024, this demo isn’t just music; it’s a frenzied assault of sound, embodying the spirit of powerviolence with every note and scream. Get ready for a ride with waduXwaduXwaduX – this is the real deal for those who like their music harsh, dirty, and relentlessly in your face.

ROTTING IN DIRT, the North Carolina chaotic metal ensemble, and THE HOLY GHOST TABERNACLE CHOIR (featured HERE) from Savannah, Georgia, unleash their wild and dissonant split, blending metalcore’s intensity with chaotic hardcore’s fury.

This collaboration, marking Rotting In Dirt’s resurgence with new members and a fresh surge of unrest, pairs with The Holy Ghost Tabernacle Choir’s electrifying energy for a release filled with discordant sounds and raw emotion.

Dive into the frenzied world of THE ARSON CHOIR with their latest track “Ravenous,” a raw slice of mathy metalcore that’s not for the faint of heart.

“Ravenous” serves up a complex, jagged soundscape that mirrors the tumultuous nature of its lyrics—dark, intense, and unapologetically brutal. The band, hailing from California, showcases their knack for blending technical prowess with raw energy, making for an experimental and broken form of hardcore metalcore that’s bound to leave your brain in knots.

The track’s lyrics delve into primal instincts and dark desires, painting vivid pictures of a carnivorous frenzy with lines like “Gnash my teeth / Scent of skin ignites my need to feed.”

Japanese melodic metalcore rockers CROSSFAITH have unleashed their latest single, “ZERO,” accompanied by an electrifying music video.

The track pulsates with primal energy, showcasing the band’s signature blend of metal and industrial.

In addition to the new release, CROSSFAITH welcomes Daiki Koide as their new guitarist, solidifying his role after previously supporting the band on numerous stages. Koide expresses his excitement for the opportunity, reflecting on his musical journey and commitment to pouring his creativity into the band’s future endeavors.

Hitandburn Records just dropped a new maxi single from DOSELESS, a Pare-Kediri, Indonesia Metallic Hardcore band.

Blurring the lines between hardcore and grim metal, this release challenges genre boundaries. Hardcore fans, sorry for throwing this in your section, and metalheads, my bad for not hitting up your spot. I’m a bit lost myself, but damn, this track feels like a punch in the gut!

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE vocalist Jesse Leach has provided an update on the band’s upcoming album, stating that they are in the final stages of recording.

In a recent social media post, Leach expressed his satisfaction with the album’s progress, despite the challenges faced during its creation.

Leach described the album as a significant challenge but emphasized that he wouldn’t change anything about the process. He praised the contributions of guitarist and producer Adam Dutkiewicz, referring to him as his musical soulmate and highlighting his role in shaping Leach’s growth as a songwriter and musician.

Additionally, Leach credited renowned vocal coach Melissa Cross for her invaluable lessons and support, which have enabled him to explore new vocal techniques and rediscover his original style on a deeper level.

Seattle’s DESIGNER DISGUISE share their tongue in cheek cover of the Backstreet Boys classic “I Want It That Way.”

Swedish alternative metalcore outfit IMMINENCE announces their highly anticipated album, “The Black,” set to drop on April 12th.

Breaking boundaries with their unique blend of classical string arrangements and Scandinavian metal, IMMINENCE promises an immersive auditory experience that defies convention.

Led by vocalist and violinist Eddie Berg, MINENCE is poised to captivate audiences with their fearless exploration of sound. The album’s lead single, “Continuum,” has already garnered praise from Revolver, described as “stunning” and “crushing.”

Chicago-based metallized hardcore / metalcore band GREED WORM has unleashed a ferocious new track titled “Chaos Theory,” offering a glimpse into their forthcoming album “RITUAL ONSLAUGHT,” set to release on March 15th via Protagonist Music.

With relentless aggression and punishing riffs, “Chaos Theory” showcases Greed Worm’s mastery of heavy hardcore, death metal, hardcore, and grindcore.

Los Angeles-based Metalcore and Djentcore band Hollywood Nightmare has unleashed their latest single and accompanying music video, titled “V.B.E.”

The track, released on February 8th, 2024, serves as a vehement diss track aimed at a specific faction of vampires and individuals who exploit the vulnerable. “V.B.E.” implores listeners to take a stand against bullying and toxic behavior, advocating for empowerment and resilience in the face of adversity. Featuring potent lyrics and intense instrumentals, the song is poised to resonate deeply with audiences, offering a rallying cry to combat negativity and injustice.

Melodic metalcore innovators ERRA have unveiled the mesmerizing “Blue Reverie” video from their highly anticipated upcoming album “CURE,” set for release on April 5 via UNFD.

The track showcases ERRA’s trademark blend of introspective atmospheres and explosive metal aggression, demonstrating their mastery of dynamic composition.

Accompanying the album’s release is a North American headline tour kicking off on April 23, featuring support from Make Them Suffer, Void of Vision, and Novelists.

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