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Romagna emo rockers RIVIERA discuss excellent new album “Sempre”

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RIVIERA returned with a resonant bang in their new album “Sempre,” released on April 18, 2024, under the dual labels La Tempesta Dischi and To Lose La Track. This Romagna-based emo rock band, known for their heartfelt and authentic sound, has spent the past five years crafting this opus, weaving their personal growth and musical evolution into every track.

The cover of “Sempre,” captured by photographers Alessandro Calabrese and Caterina Gabelli, and brought to artistic life by Matteo Collina and Luca Sorbini, encapsulates the band’s raw and introspective journey. This third album is a testament to their maturation, reflecting their continuous quest for authenticity and emotional depth.

RIVIERA’s “Sempre” delves into themes of struggle, growth, and connection. The tracks reflect on personal battles, such as the metaphorical and literal mud in “Nei Gelsi,” the yearning for genuine communication in “Sempre,” and the confrontation with hidden fears and external pressures in “Le Nostre Paure.”

“Terra Violenta” brings a collaborative energy with its driving rhythm, while “La Scelta” and “Nelle Strade” address the quest for stability amidst life’s challenges. “Non Dirmi Addio” explores bittersweet farewells, and “Ruvida Ruvida” emphasizes finding support in tough times.

Finally, “Grossi Guai” pays homage to influences, pondering the difficulty of understanding and expressing true desires.


RIVIERA, consisting of Francesco Albarelli, Giacomo Mercuriali, Andrea Vasumini, Leonardo Ciapetti, Davide Alberti, and Paride Piccinini, has always been more than just a band. Their music is born out of shared experiences and personal journeys, both within Italy and across Europe. Their roots are firmly planted in Forlì, a city that resonates deeply in their collective imagination.

The band’s creative process is organic and collaborative. Riffs often start with guitarists Andrea and Giacomo, developed during acoustic sessions, some dating back to the lockdown days. The whole band then improvises together until the pieces take final form, with the trumpet and vocal melodies adding the finishing touches. This method ensures that each instrument plays an equal role, contributing to a cohesive and authentic sound.

The recording process for “Sempre” was a live performance, capturing the raw energy and emotional intensity that define RIVIERA’s craft. This approach aligns with their belief in the human dimension of music, emphasizing real connections and live interactions over digital facades.

“Sempre” is a journey through RIVIERA’s evolution, both as musicians and as individuals. The album is a blend of introspection, raw emotion, and communal energy, all set to the backdrop of their powerful emo rock sound. It’s a record that speaks to the human experience, offering solace and connection in a world that often feels disconnected. We always loved this vibe and hence our deep dive into each and every track below, offered by the band themselves!

Track by Track Commentary on “Sempre”

“Nei gelsi” talks about mud , before the flood in romagna. Mud weighs, it hurts, it is hard to dislodge, it stays there. The need is to find the awareness not to be trapped by it.

“Sempre” is based on real communication needs, between real people who make sense of their lives day by day. Hidden fears trying to scream. “Sempre” is also the title of the record. The title of the record was the only sure thing already halfway through the completed songs. We liked the idea that a song also had the same title. Always looks forward trying to bring respect for our roots! Understanding where we come from.

“Le nostre paure” naturally attached itself to “Sempre”, Alba did not hesitate in keeping us on the edge until the entrance explosion. The lyrics attack those who meddle trying to prevaricate, put a stop to those who pretend to get their hands dirty. In the end we are asked to choose, not to pretend to live what is in front of us, in the midst of toil and in the midst of pleasure!

“Terra violenta” is a spontaneous collaboration with our friend Roberto aka Maggio. The initial groove lent itself to something more cadenced than our melodic roots, together we brought this to life. It was beautiful! The lyrics are Roberto’s, we sang and recorded it together with Gittana, along with Maglia and Meme!

“La scelta” is a recurring theme in the record, both as a request for help and as a comparison, seeing other people, getting to know each other, exchanging ideas. All this must be the basis for stability to return.

“Nelle strade” is the fatigue that we recognize as real. The fatigue of not always keeping up with what is new, with exaggerated performances.

“Non dirmi addio” starts with a feeling, at first we called it sour cherry. A feeling of well-being that always hides bitter pitfalls. It slowly morphed into “Don’t Say Goodbye,” it fits!

“Ruvida ruvida” is a song for getting your thoughts in order, for figuring out who you can rely on in complicated moments. Serving as the backdrop for the song’s imagery is an old photograph that preserves and saves the people it tells about. The main character is Giovanni, Vasu’s dad, who, as he says, “is a great one.” The song is about the awareness of giving due importance to our surroundings, which is often enough to turn things in the right direction. Simple things are enough.

“Grossi guai” is a tribute to Prozac+, the last two sentences are taken from one of their songs. It is not easy to express what you really want. What do we really want?I wish I knew how to trust, I wish I knew how to choose!

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