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RUINER reunites for this year’s This is Hardcore Fest!

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Formed in 2004 and disbanded after 6 years of being together, hyper active live band RUINER have counted another 6 years and decided to join their forces again! The band has just unveiled a video teasing their 2016 appearance at This Is Hardcore Festival this Summer!

RUINER released their demo recording in 2004; “What Could Possibly Go Right…?” EP one year later; Prepare To Be Let Down LP and “The Lives We Fear” EP in 2007; I Heard These Guys Are Assholes EP in 2008 compiling the ‘What Could Possibly Go Right…?’ EP, their side of a split EP with DAY OF THE DEAD, the ‘Still Smiling’ demo, and a bonus demo song; Dead Weight EP in 2009 and the final album Hell Is Empty in 2009. All of these recordings can be heard below.

RUINER reunion

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