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Russian alt grunge rockers PALE CROW release new video ‘The Ocean’

Russian grunge rock’n’rollers from PALE CROW have debuted their first official music video “The Ocean”, coming from their 2015 debut record “Everything Went White”. Watch below and stay tuned for more, cause these fellas are recording the second album and preparing for their first European tour as we speak!

“We didn’t want to get a video that every rock’n’roll band has, like, a video of an ordinary gig at ordinary venue. We were looking for something special considering it’s our debut music video” — Nik Grinbein, backing vocals, bass.

The main idea of “The Ocean” video is to show an unpredictable night dream when you constantly lose the logic of what is happening and suddenly remember the images from the beginning. The lively song goes hand in hand with pictures of unrealistic live show and in the middle of the composition there is ‘a movie in a movie’ or ‘a dream in a dream’ — a camera goes into the eyes of a deer and we can see his psychedelic dreaming.

“Pale Crow plays music with elements of authentic rebellious rock of 90s. So making the video we partly used the typical images of that era, we were inspired by the music video of Nirvana, The Cure, Depeche Mode. I also like the minimalist images in the videos made by Radiohead, Chet Faker, Madness, when you can’t stop watching it because of the mood. They are always intriguing, diverting, impressive. We were aiming to make a video you wanna watch again” — Kate Bort, director. ads
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