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Russian swingin’, metallized hard rockers TORNADO KID’s album track-by-track breakdown

I had spent dozens of hours digging into the dirtiest riffs of MAYLENE AND THE SONS OF DISASTER, early HE IS LEGEND, EVERY TIME I DIE, CROWBAR, and WEEDEATER, so it’s always nice to go back in time and switch to more melodious jams and bands that take their work all with some grain of salt. Russian southern metal / hard rock band TORNADO KID released their debut LP ‘Hateful 10’ a couple of months ago and we though it would be nice to share it along with some more insightful commentary and add-on that would make this wild listen even more informative and satisfying. The following track-by-track commentary comes directly from the band and serves as a good accompanying read to a fine rock/metal album full of crossover tricks that put the original redneck feel of southern rock and make it only a background. Listen for yourself and scroll down to see the band’s commentary!


Dima “The Dog” Rusanov (vocals): It’s an alcosong. And one is my favorite combination of alcohol – fast and tasty. The song itself is about that alcohol is a tricky thing, although it’s very pleasant. For the time being. So don’t use it too often.


Dima: There are many things in life that we could change, but there are also things that we couldn’t. It’s a very personal song, where I sing about while everybody were collecting stones for their houses building and making families, I preferred traveling. It’s about absence of fear of dying alone when you’ve got nothing. Children grow, parents die, we remember things to forget about them. The phrase “silver or lead” itself came from Wild West. When bandits could break up peaceably or end meeting with carnage they offered to choose “silver or lead”, what meant you gave them money or they gave you a bullet. Although the materials are similar they’ve got different costs and missions.


Dima: I think you understood what it’s song about. The character of the song is a simple guy, who is considered shy and sometimes everyone like to mocking him up. And there are chaos and hidden aggression in his head, that finally it finds its way out. The last lines of the lyrics are addressed to the last of his mocker: “Are you still want to laugh? Stand with your back to the wall!”. The lyrics has been written after Ivan Magadan, band’s guitarist, said: “It’ll be a hit! We have to find a cool name for it, like Killer Song, for instance”.


Dima: It was another one song’s title that Ivan offered. We were working on vocals in verses and I couldn’t make anything pretty cool. So we decided to take a pause and gone out of studio for smoking and started to sing in jest “I wanna drink & fuck”. And leave it in such way! This song is about we’re living only once and we should take everything we got of it. Not wasting time.


Dima: This song’s name was inspired of one of DLCs for Fallout New Vegas video game. It’s about that we are paying too much attention to our shitty past and forget about our present. But past is a passed stage, this is the blues of old world, so everything will be cool.


Dima: I’ll be brief here. This song is about disposable relations with lads. That’s all


Dima: This is interesting one! We’ve got three verses and four characters here. The first one – Sierra Madre – (the name is took out of Fallout video game too, and the song was written in the same time with Old World Blues) mystic, abandoned casino, keeping untold wealth within its walls, that you can’t take out just because of physical causes. Jesus Christ – the one you afraid the most. “You’d confessing faster, I’ve the queue of such shit as you are here”. Adolf Hitler – one decided he is a father of all world, unnecessarily and arbitrarily. And finally one – the psychopathic narrator with personality disorder. He considers himself anyone but not who he is. I’ve chosen Sierra, Jesus and Hitler, cause I consider them a lie, the false ideas.


Dima: This song is about mad narcotic trips, when you lose count of hours and days, and wander as hungry wolf searching your pray. Never enough.


Dima: This song is dedicated to my deceased grandfather. We’re making this one longer that others. At the start I have only instrumental part and vocals for chorus. It was unclear what retired cowboy we’re talking about. I’ve learned a lot from my granddad, though he didn’t know about it. The most important thing is to be yourself, listen to no one, and if you have to go against the flow you should do this, cause “in the kingdom of blind even one-eyed can become a king”.

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