SAID AND DONE to release “Better Days” LP in May!

Straight And Alert Records has just unveiled details for the upcoming LP from Branbant hardcore band SAID AND DONE! Read the full announcement below.

SAID AND DONE are not dead ! This dutch band highly influenced by the mid 80′s NYHC / Crossover scene with bands like Cro Mags or Leeway but also Only Living Witness or True Blue, started in 2006 with a 2 track digital demo that got their name out fast and got things started. Later the same year they released their first LP “Everyday” and everything got serious. Then followed countless shows all over Europe and a bunch of other records : “Endless Roads” (2008), “3 song promo tape” (2008), “Feel It E.P.” (2009), “Weight Of The World” 7″ (2010).
4 years after their last record they are now back with a brand new LP, where their sound evolved to something more sophisticated, somewhere between Supertouch, Wipers, Nirvana, Screaming Trees or Underdog.
We are really proud to team up with Cobra records (Germany) and White Russian records (The Netherlands) to release this new album.

Pressing info:
100 Red
100 White
300 Black

Tracklist :
1. Never Enough
2. Count Me Out
3. Walk Away
4. Better Days
5. Witness
6. Classic Story
7. Tune Out
8. Sheltered
9. Crossroads

The band added:

We couldn’t pick one track that would give a proper idea of the entire album, so we just uploaded 3 tracks, so you can get an idea of the diversity of the record.
This record isn’t normalized (or should we say destroyed?) like most records are these days, so play it LOUD.
Aside from the 3 songs, pre-orders for the vinyl are up NOW.
CD’s will be up for order soon too.

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