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Salt Lake City duo NO SUN return with new track “In My Heaven” – new album “In the Interim” coming up

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Flesh and Bones Records will be releasing ‘In The Interim’, the newest album from NO SUN, on vinyl on the 30th of September, and today we have a great pleasure of giving you the band’s new single ‘In My Heaven’.

Comments the band: “In My Heaven is about finding a fabricated sense of calm and security through escapism. Attempting to find a sense of comfort and peace while a darker reality lies beneath the avoidance and the delaying of the true confrontation of the turmoil within the self. Ultimately this track immediately felt like a single to us because it not only sonically captures what we tried to achieve with this album, but lyrically touches on an overlying theme of the record.”

In the four years since No Sun released their debut album, the band has seen extensive changes, both internally and externally.

In the Interim, the band’s sophomore release, is a culmination of these changes that find the band on the other side of a storm, a release that signals their progression as both vision and sound coalesce into something different altogether.

The band, now operating as the two-piece dynamic of Salt Lake City-based guitarist/vocalist Jordon Strang and Chicago-based drummer Jake Morse, cast recognizable yet new and captivating sounds through a kaleidoscope of fuzz and cymbals.


The cacophony of tracks “In My Heaven” and “Saturn Returning” live in contrast to the repose and rainsoaked passages of “Near to Me” and “Life Beneath.” Guitars slowly become pinwheels of sound that in turn drift into landscapes, a mountainous backdrop to Strang’s hushed vocals. This is the place where No Sun is most at home, one occupied by equal parts faith and nostalgia.

In the Interim explores territory familiar to the band but finds them on canvases now curious, the end result a selection of songs refreshing and restorative, ultimately laying bare to the quintessentials that have always been No Sun: Honesty, rumination, and a large dose of volume.

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