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SCOWL blend signature rage with rock’n’roll vibes in follow up single “Shot Down” – listen!

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SCOWL, the rising stars of the alternative rock scene, have released their latest track “Shot Down,” and it’s a thrilling follow-up to their controversially melodious single “Opening Night.” The band’s previous release divided fans with its tuneful vocals, a departure from their signature snarling and angry style. In “Shot Down,” Scowl once again takes a chance and melds together their gritty vocals and melodic hooks, creating a sound that is both raw and emotional.

The majority of “Opening Night” featured lead singer Moss singing in a tuneful manner, backed by a 90s alt-rock arrangement. It was a bold move that many interpreted as the debut of Scowl’s next act. However, the band’s latest release “Shot Down” sees them return to their roots, incorporating their signature gritty vocals while still retaining a melodic chorus that will keep listeners hooked.

Diving into the lyrics of “Shot Down,” Kat stated: “This song is supposed to represent a battle between concealing your fears and vulnerability and desperately opening up about said fears. I’m expressing distaste and fury towards the fearful part of myself, “Hate you right now” is aimed at myself. “I wanna impress, impressive sound” – I’m begging to feel confident in my own work and I feel as though this song stealthily disguises those internal fears in a bubblegum hook, only to be immediately punched in the gut with fast guitars and harsh vocals.”

As with all their previous releases, “Shot Down” promises to be a thrilling experience for Scowl‘s fans. The EP “Psychic Dance Routine,” which features “Shot Down,” as the opener, is set to be released on April 7th via Flatspot Records. With this release, Scowl once again proves that they are a band that can successfully blend aggression with melody, creating a sound that is uniquely their own.

Recorded and mixed by Grammy nominated producer Will Yip (L.S. Dunes, Title Fight, Turnover), the EP finds Scowl continuing to push the boundaries of their sound and artistic presence. On “Shot Down,” punchy guitars set up the energy of the track before Kat Moss dives into visceral lyrics marked by a blend of brassy screams and pop-forward vocals. It sounds like early-Ceremony and The Donnas remarkably combined, but that’s just the powerhouse band Scowl is. The video for the song, directed by guitarist Malachi Greene, follows the storyline set in the clip for lead single “Opening Night”, giving a deeper look into Scowl’s frenzied world.

Scowl has quickly made a name for themselves as one of the most vivid and hard-working acts in the rock world. Since the release of their debut album, How Flowers Grow in late 2021, the band has become a powerful force to be reckoned with. Lauded for its reality-driven, aggressive blend of hardcore-punk, the critically-acclaimed album opened up new doors for the band, including a non-stop touring schedule. On Psychic Dance Routine, Scowl move far beyond the confines of what a typical “hardcore” band is considered, creating innovative song structures and personable lyrics. Their ability to be genre fluid intersects with their up for anything attitude, whether that means playing in a fast food drive-in parking lot or hitting the stage at Coachella. It’s all just part of the plan for the ever-evolving band that is Scowl.

The band is currently on tour across the United States and Canada with Show Me The Body, Jesus Piece, Zulu, and TRiPP JONES. This year they’ll make their debut at major festivals like Coachella and Reading and Leeds, alongside planned performances at Flatspot World, Bamboozle, Sick New World, Furnace Fest, Outbreak, and more. Full dates below.

Scowl is Kat Moss (vocals), Malachi Greene (guitar), Bailey Lupo (bass), Cole Gilbert (drums), and Mikey Bifolco (guitar).

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