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Screamo act AGE SIXTEEN (2009-2011) unveil discography release

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AGE SIXTEEN was a band from 2009-2011. Based in Baltimore, MD, the short-lived group only released a short LP, a split and a handful of demos. This release compiles the final versions of their songs onto one release.

Playing a mix of slow emo melodies and spastic technical chaos, Age Sixteen still holds up as one of the most unique hardcore bands to come from the US. The technical guitar playing, and passionate vocals will remind some of modern bands like Lord Snow, Karloff, Sleeper Wave and some old favourites like Suis La Lune and Raein.

Originally meant to be pressed in 2015, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the vinyl version of this material, but it is finally seeing the light of day with the help of No Funeral Records (CAN, nf-034) and Artificial Distro (USA, AD-001).

The No Funeral Records edition features “Coke Bottle Clear” vinyl with a paint marble effect on the cover with a screenprinted graphic. Limited and numbered to 100, it is unlikely to be presented like this again.

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