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Screamo act AMITIÉ teams up with Philly’s hardcore band SOUL GLO – new single “Stress Dreams” tackling family trauma

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Written and recorded by Amitié, with lyrics by Pierce Jordan (SOUL GLO), Ryan Couitt and Matthew Morales, “Stress Dreams“, the new visceral track from Providence based screamo act is a call to everyone who grew up with family trauma. Slated for the official streaming premiere this coming Sunday, the track goes up live today right here and it’s a must listen for this weekend!

“Growing up is tough as it is, navigating a seemingly innocent world. But then you come to a certain age and start realizing there’s so much hurt in the world.” – comments Amitié.

“Whether it stems from family, culture, financial instability; there are a plethora of reasons for the pain we are surrounded by. Although we may feel down at times, we remember the past is in the past. We learn from our experiences and create a better future. We strive for the experiences we never had, we strive for a future with love and compassion.

We are the change in the world, we see everything for what it is.”

Recorded by Roach Ranch Studios, Mixed and Mastered by Dead Air

“Stress Dreams” lyrics:

You won’t believe the stress dreams I’ve had about my gun
Pops peeped my piece and swiftly disowned me in one
I had to say in PA you can’t own one and a med card
Just to wake to hear him say my priorities are were backwards
Christmas fucking eve we’d been there only three days
My anxiety was crazy for reasons I cannot say
So I think I’m slick with a blunt in the bath letting Kamasi play
Despite the shower and open window, the smell reached the hallways
Door knock, its my mom asking what is that smell
Night falls and my dad comes to me and I tell no punny shit I want no smoke I just live in hell
There’s no lie in my eyes where my emotions are spelled
I said I’m sorry but fuck that I’d rather get caught with the pack
And he just wished I’d feel less like I need to watch my back
Goodnight, I let all that fly, and he says its alright?
Maybe this wisdom would inspire me not to want to fight
I didn’t mention the calvert nigga who wants to punch out my lights
As far as I can see with him and me the status is on sight
He started off wanting to stab me and then we became friends
But I wont regret not having my shit cus now he hates me again
Seasons pass and branches grow
Providing slight cover
The past is the past
A present without its bow
The past is the past


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