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Screamo band MASADA streaming new full length!

1,5 month after the initial teaser on IDIOTEQ, the newest full length from German refined screamo band MASADA has been finally unleashed! This is an excellent album with a little bit of different stuff in this ferocious genre. Quite a thrilling ride, I can give them that. “MASADA” evokes crushing violence, sophisticated maturity and gentle beauty. Great stuff. Listen below and tell us what you think in the comments below.

“MASADA” comes out on June 10th via Upwind Productions, I.Currupt.RecordsRubaiyat Recordsruined smile recordsDingleberry records and distribution and Dont Care Records.

I.Currupt.Records commented:

The LP plays eleven screamo songs full of emotions, which make you want to go to your favorite concert squat and watch it live! Fans of 90’s/early 2000 screamo or bands like Louise Cyphre, Daïtro, Yaphet Kotto or Funeral Diner will know how to appreciate this killer album!

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