Massa Nera Quiet Fear Cover
Massa Nera Quiet Fear Cover
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Screamo bands MASSA NERA & QUIET FEAR share new songs off of new split “Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles”

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Through their latest collaboration, “Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles,” New Jersey’s Massa Nera and Los Angeles’ Quiet Fear meld their experiences into a sonic expedition that transcends traditional boundaries. This album is an immersive journey through introspection and passionate expression. Today, we’re stoked to give you two new songs and videos, challenging the listener to embrace intentionality, to reject the oppressive void of capitalism, and to walk side by side with those we cherish, in defiance of nihilistic despair.

Massa Nera and Quiet Fear have taken a bold step in redefining the contours of 90s-inspired screamo. With a refined palate, they blend the stylistic elements of post-rock, mathcore, and Latin rhythms, crafting a sound that resonates with the modern listener while staying rooted in genre traditions.

The collaboration sees these bands balancing the fragility of vulnerability with the raw intensity of emotional catharsis, skillfully merging the chaotic metallic flair of Converge with the triumphant crescendos of Envy, and the heartfelt force of Pg.99.

The track listing itself is a narrative arc, starting with Massa Nera’sBloated‘ and culminating in the collaborative masterpiece ‘Nueva Llama.’ Each song is a chapter in this aural odyssey, from Quiet Fear’s haunting ‘Presidio‘ to the intricate layers of ‘Division‘ by Massa Nera.

Massa Nera – Bloated:

Massa Nera brings their unique voice to the album with the talents of Aeryn Jade Santillan, Allen Núñez, Christopher Rodriguez, and Mark Boulanger. Their songs were brought to life at Permanent Hearing Damage in Philadelphia, with Steve Roche’s production and engineering finesse and Carl Saff’s masterful mastering in Chicago.

MASSA NERA by Vanessa Valadez @lionrevolt
MASSA NERA by Vanessa Valadez @lionrevolt

“We wanted to make a tour video that lacked most of the signifiers of a tour video (namely, performance footage, shots of us goofing off, etc.). Fortunately, we had 5 hours of footage from our tour with Quiet Fear and Habak, so making a music video without those things was somewhat manageable.” – comments Massa Nera.

“Conceptually, we wanted to highlight some of the less desirable aspects of tour: the repetition, the loneliness, the isolation, etc. It’s easy to romanticize the experience of touring, (admittedly for good reason). We were hoping to provide a more neutral, less person-centric counter to that.”

Quiet Fear
Quiet Fear

Meanwhile, Quiet Fear, comprised of Jonatan Patiño, Christopher Tortoledo, Adrian Ayala, and Cristien Fernandez, recorded their contributions at Riff Audio in Los Angeles. Raul Cuéllar’s engineering and Nick Riggs’ production have woven their soundscapes into this collaborative fabric.

Pre-orders for “Quatro Vientos // Cinco Soles” on 12” vinyl and cassettes are available since December 1, 2023, with limited vinyl color variants available through Persistent Vision and Deathwish Inc.

Quiet Fear tour dates:

12/1 – Philadelphia, PA (Dilly Dally Festival)
12/12 – Fullerton, CA (Programme Skate & Sound)
01/20 – Los Angeles, CA (Bad Dog Compound) w/ Massa Nera, Lagrimas, Knumears, and Ghost Spirit
01/21 – Riverside, CA (Back to the Grind) w/ Massa Nera, Triple Exposure, and Trains to Juniper

Massa Nera live with Infant Island:

12/14 – Pittsburgh, PA (West Egg) with Kaiba and Violence
12/15 – Ridgewood, NY (Trans-Pecos) with Sonagi and Auxiena Saint
12/16 – Boston, MA (Democracy Center) with New Forms
12/17 – Philadelphia, PA (Kung Fu Necktie) (matinee) with Lastima and Mt. Ida
12/18 – Richmond, VA (Bandito’s) with Ostraca and Humanitarian Deficit

Massa Nera Southern CA Tour:

01/18 – Fullerton, CA (Programme Skate & Sound) w/ Onewaymirror, Clay Birds, and Washer
01/19 – La Jolla, CA (Che Café) w/ Habak, Aren’t We Amphibians, …and today, it was you, and a Special Guest
01/20 – Los Angeles, CA (Bad Dog Compound) w/ Quiet Fear, Lagrimas, Knumears, and Ghost Spirit
01/21 (Matinee) – Riverside, CA (Back to the Grind) w/ Trains to Juniper, and Triple Exposure
01/21 (Evening) – Pomona, CA w/ Knumears, Quiet Fear So Concerned, and Othiel

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