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Screamo legends IN LOVING MEMORY announces “A Gentler Sun” EP – sick new video streaming!

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After a staggering 23-year hiatus, the legendary band In Loving Memory are making a triumphant return with their highly anticipated EP, “A Gentler Sun.” Today marks the release of their first single, which signifies a momentous occasion for fans who have long awaited new music from the group.

Comprised of Joe, Jen, Jordan, Spencer, Brian, and Tanner, In Loving Memory is back with a collection of four songs that have emerged from conversations among old friends.

In the age of digital connectivity, words, riffs, and concepts traversed the digital ether, sparking the creative process that led to the birth of “A Gentler Sun.” The band’s reunion during the cold Midwest Winter and early Spring of 2022-2023 culminated in the realization of their ideas. The new single serves as a testament to their enduring passion for music and their commitment to sharing it with the world once again.

In Loving Memory is not only blessing their fans with new music but also self-releasing limited versions of their “As Years Pass And Feel Like Seconds” 12″ LP and the “A Gentler Sun” 12″ EP on vinyl. The band’s decision to release these records and accompanying merchandise demonstrates their appreciation for their dedicated fan base.

In Loving Memory

The band reflects on their new single and EP, sharing that the title and many of the lyrics are derived from a poem by their friend Thomas Cooney. This poetic piece delves into humanity’s self-destructive tendencies, particularly our disregard for nature and the things that sustain us. In Loving Memory sees this as a parallel to their own journey as a band—an entity whose initial time together was tragically cut short in the late ’90s and early 2000s. However, with their reunion after 23 years, they view this opportunity as a chance to fulfill the promise and potential they possessed in their youth.

In Loving memory

The entire EP, along with its accompanying video, was recorded in just one weekend in Des Moines, Iowa, thanks to the incredible talent and dedication of friends like Mikey Allred, Alex Arthur, and Tyler Dreher. The band expresses their gratitude for the DIY approach and the support they received from their fans, which enabled them to self-fund the project. This sense of community and shared passion has been instrumental in bringing In Loving Memory back to life.

As they prepare for their live shows in Des Moines this September, In Loving Memory acknowledges that their true magic lies in their captivating performances. They are currently working on securing festival and regional dates for 2024, while also considering various offers. Additionally, plans are underway for a new full-length album in 2024, as the band already has an abundance of demos and fresh material to explore beyond the EP.

With the completion of “A Gentler Sun” in Des Moines, Iowa, In Loving Memory has not only crafted a musical offering but has also embarked on a heartfelt journey of rediscovery. Tracked live by Alex Arthur at Carousel Studios and mixed and mastered by Mikey “Hawk Ear” Allred, the EP embodies the band’s vision, complemented by the additional lyrics of Thomas Cooney and artwork by Jen Wiley.

The return of In Loving Memory is a testament to the enduring power of music and the indomitable spirit of a group of friends united by their love for creating something meaningful. Their reemergence brings excitement and renewed energy to both new and longtime fans, as the band’s timeless sound resonates once again.


“The promise of a World lit by a gentler Sun flares with violence into profane day…
Of measureless canopies that embraced the Sky…
Annihilated, quantified.”


“Sacred to the memory of that pulse…
Now severed from it.”


“By the sprawl and gnawing…
Of our incessant and insatiable progress.”


“Where the stumps and limbs weather into concrete statues of themselves…
Generations must come and go and forget.”

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