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SERRATION drops heavy new track “Altar of Guilt”, featuring David Blom of SANCTION

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SERRATION by Ian Enger
SERRATION by Ian Enger

Canadian metalcore outfit Serration has unveiled “Altar Of Guilt“, the latest track off their impending album Simulations Of Hell. With a runtime just shy of two minutes, the track doesn’t overstay its welcome. Yet, it manages to encapsulate the band’s essence, combining tight instrumentation with the unmistakable vocal timbre of Cody Dewald, further enriched by David Blom of Sanction.

“Altar of Guilt is about worshiping materialistic items and valuing them more than themselves or others around them… It’s a joke.” – Cody Dewald

Dewald’s commentary on the lyrics reveals a critique of the dissonance between material worship and religious observance, particularly highlighting the irony of extreme consumerism on occasions like Black Friday and Boxing Day.

As the third release from Simulations Of Hell, “Altar Of Guilt” follows “Shroud of Gnarled Tongues” and “A Suicide Note in Midi Format”. Each song, while distinct, gives listeners a sense of what to expect from the album set to release on September 15th through DAZE.

Revolver magazine aptly describes it as a fusion between the complex stylings of bands like Botch and Zao and the relatable catchiness one would associate with Poison the Well.

Established in 2018, Serration (Cody Dewald on vocals, Jake Braben and Jose Flores handling the guitars, Matt Wischlinksi on bass, and Colter James on drums) aimed to craft “Turmoil worship”.

The band made initial waves with their EP, Shrine of Eternal Life. Subsequent releases and collaborations, such as their work with Wax Vessel, further solidified their position in the metal and hardcore realm.

Simulations Of Hell, influenced by early metalcore bands and Y2K horror video games, is the band’s latest effort. It’s an album that touches on varied themes, from societal conditioning to personal guilt.

Simulations Of Hell saw its production at the hands of Jordan Chase at Oodelally Recordings in Kelowna, BC.

Simulations Of Hell

1. Boreal Serpent
2. A Suicide Note in Midi Format featuring Emma Boster (Dying Wish)
3. Dried Flowers Bathed in Tears
4. Shroud of Gnarled Tongues
5. Chaos Daemon
6. Altar of Guilt featuring David Blom (Sanction)
7. Of The Shapes of Humans and Hearts
8. Simulations of Hell

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