SHAI HULUD writing a new album [UPDATE]

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SHAI HULUD have been writing new material for their future release.

The band comments:

Dear Interwebz, there is a small, sweaty practice room in New London where we have holed ourselves up to work out a jam or 3. Please forgive our recent lack of e-presence. But hey, there’s usually some stuff going down over at the twitter place…. Join us!

Matt Fox adds:

When I was in high school I proudly wore a Slayer “Hell Awaits” back patch on my patch and pin riddled jean jacket on top of a Who Framed Roger Rabbit t-shirt while skipping classes in Batman Converse high tops. I never gave a fuck about looking cool. In form, when given the opportunity Shai Hulud tours with bands we think we might like to be around. We’re happy to be hitting the road with our pals in Counterparts, and soon-to-be pals in A Plea For Purging and Dead Icons. And what’s more, I’d probably kill to have that Roger Rabbit shirt again.”

“If indeed the moon ends up in the Seventh House, and Jupiter aligns with Mars we should be recording a new album this Spring. We spend a good deal of time working on our songs because we give a shit about music. With more ideas than solos or breakdowns, we mean to make Jello Biafra proud. And hopefully you as well. You’ll have to let us know if we did just that. Be of good cheer, excelsiors all around.

PUBLISHED on January 15, 2012.
UPDATED on January 24, 2012 – Matt comment added.

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