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SHIZUNE premieres a new track!

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Pre-orders for this amazing records launch February 2015 via Dog Knights Productions (Europe) and Driftwood Records (USA)! Listen to the new song below.


we forget way too often
that an instant
is eternal in our memory
where every event
flows among the ruins
of the most ancient recollection
drawing to the eyes
the glare of ecplised horizons
wherever, elsewhere, again
don’t divert my attention
from these images
you can’t force me
to give up
showing off the mnemonic
is not the result of the proceedings
without putting up with the days’ debris
which crumble
in the stillness of our boundaries
fragile confines
between tears and smiles
reducing the space
emptiness grows
to fill up our vestiges
of every instant
I know by heart
its ending
tell me what there is
beyond time
that I’ve never seen
I always begin
from the end

Check out more previous releases by SHIZUNE below and go here to see my mini-review of their split with THINGS FALL APART, TALL SHIPS SET SAIL, and INFRO, released earlier this year.

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