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SHOWYOURTEETH new EP premiere and track-by-track feature!

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After releasing Forecast (2009) and Word Denier (Let It Burn Records, 2011), Vienna, Austria’s melodic metalcore act SHOWYOURTEETH teamed up with Pete Rutcho (THE GHOST INSIDE / BURY YOUR DEAD) to record a brand new EP called “Differ”, premiering NOW right here, on IDIOTEQ!

The wonderful guys in the band gave us an exclusive commentary and track-by-track guide to the EP, about its heartfelt lyrical content and what it means to them.


DIFFER – The lyrics on Differ are pretty personal. Everytime I go out there and play these songs to people is like a therapy to me. I guess you could say it’s main topic is the conflict between doing what you want and doing what you’re supposed to do. There are so many ways in which we let society impose restrictions on ourselves, our lives, the way we live, even the way we think. Do the 9 to 5, be a valuable member of society and so on.

I’m a guy who always tries to adapt myself to everybody; my parents, my friends, even people I actually don’t know. It took me some time to realise that I don’t owe anything to anyone. The only one I owe, is myself and the only thing I owe to myself is to make this life count by my own beliefs and merits.

There are not a lot of people these days who actually go through this process, they rather perish slowly in a rat race that they call life.

I don’t want to live my life like that and I want the people who listen to this EP to be challenged with this way of thinking about life and it’s actual purpose.

This EP is about how I stopped studying, giving up a „bright“ future for a bullshit job just to have enough time to be on the road. It’s about how I’m just not able to lead a proper relationship with a girl, cause I’m away so much, that I even lose track of the people I love the most. Furthermore it’s about how I still love being in this band way too much to have it any other way.

Servant – Servant is about never making it, but still not giving a fuck. It’s about playing in a band, therefor working a job you can’t stand just to make enough money to be able to hit the road again. It’s about enslaving yourself to a way of life you cannot cope with, but nevertheless face it to work towards a goal you most likely will never reach.

To The Heartless – This song is about breaking out of the boundaries of a so called „normal“ life. It’s about turning against those people who will judge you for not being satisfied by a life you could predict right from the start. It’s against people who use or live after terms like „career“, „nine to five“, „daily routine“, „money“ or „average“.

Regain Myself – Regain Myself is, on one hand, about coming to your senses, finding out what’s really important in your life. What are the actual things that matter? What makes your life REALLY worth living for?

On the other hand, this song is about leaving behind everything, that would hold you back from this conquest of self-fullfilment.

The Blues – The Blues is about being alone. It’s about losing the one person you thought, you would spend your whole life with. It’s about emptiness, about losing faith in love in general, aswell as in yourself. It’s about how you slowly start to get numb and you find it harder and harder to actually let anyone get close to you. I guess I needed a way to say, that to me, there’s hardly anything else that can be as devastating as love.

Standarized Individuality – I think I made it clear by now. I don’t wanna live my life like everybody else. You could say I’m afraid of slipping into an average life. I want to distinguish myself from the masses, their lives are meaningless to me. A lot of people think they „made it“, when all they really did, was to conform to the requirements of a society, which is lead by people that do not care about anyone else but themselves. I’m not looking for the respect or gratitude of people who are just a tool and will die as they have lived – meaningless.

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