THEM FREQUENCIES – “The Message Of The Flower Is The Flower” video premiere & exclusive commentary!

I’m extra proud to present you the newest music video from Sofia, Bulgaria’s chaotic hardcore / mathcore band THEM FREQUENCIES (interviewed back in June 2013)! Titled “The Message Of The Flower Is The Flower”, the track comes from the band’s latest album called “The Great Wave-Off”. Check out the video below and find out more about the track and their current work and activities in the commentary below!

Hello to all of the “IDIOTEQ.com” readers, we are happy to premiere our video at the webzine!

We shot “The message of the flower is the flower” video late september in Bulgaria. The plot is about a man who “focus” himself on experiencing the beauty itself, which is deep in our nature. To “see” it, is a sacred thing and some kind of reflection of the man’s mistery. It is something that you don’t have to understand or explore, but to absorb and endorse. It’s like listening to a melody that reflects on you or watching beautiful landscapes, or even the experience of falling in love. All that is an experienced “beauty”. A delight you feel when you focus all of your thoughts only on it, without explaining how does it work.
In the video we represent it by the environment and landscapes of Vitosha mountain – a beautiful view for a lot of citizens down here in Sofia and “unseen” for other – the city where we live, where our daily lives goes, where most of our friends are.

We are now working on our second album, planned to be recorded in late spring. Until now it turns to be with a lot more “in your face” songs, some of them sludge-y and slow, carrying the aggression and the moments of fast chaos.
2013 was an year with good experience for us. We made new friends touring. Thanks to all the people who supported us through it.

We are happy we will “leave” it with to indoor festival shows in Bulgaria and Serbia on 26-th and 28-th of December and will step into 2014 with a few more in January and February.
See you on the road and at the venues.

Take care!

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