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Sick of low energy live shows? Well, see the newest Audiotree session from GILLIAN CARTER!

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Audiotree sessions has been a huge addition to many artists’ visual presentation, broadening the look at their live appearance and adding a special, raw feel to their performance. Hardcore bands don’t need no extra harshness display, yet various live sessions presenting punk and metal acts have successfully managed to capture the essence of live performance and offer fans a proper entertainment. It’s no different with the newest offering from Audiotree, the live session from Florida based screamy hardcore act GILLIAN CARTER, who dropped their latest LP “This Earth Shaped Tomb” last year, followed by a massive discography release via Moment of Collapse Records ‎and Skeletal Lightning, and a contribution track for the recent ENVY tribute compilation.

Gillian Carter is a brutal hardcore punk band signed to Skeletal Lightning. The Champaign, IL based label sports a broad range of acts who showcase original, experimental takes on genre convention. Gillian Carter is a prime example of the label’s diversity; mashing together ambient instrumental elements alongside panic inducing breakdowns, gnarled screaming vocals and relentless pummeling rhythms. Check out the rad performance by Gillian Carter live at Audiotree.

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